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Essential Articles

Essential Article - Hydration Thumbnail

1. Hydration

Keep fluid intake during exercise between 16-28 ounces per hour.
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Essential Article - Caloric Intake Thumbnail

2. Caloric Intake

Restrict caloric intake to 120-180 cal/hr during exercise. Choose fuels with complex carbohydrates—not simple sugars.
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Essential Article - Electrolytes Thumbnail

3. Electrolytes

Replenish electrolytes with a balanced formula (not just salt!) in amounts appropriate for conditions.
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Essential Article - Pre-Exercise Fueling Thumbnail

4. Pre-Exercise Fueling

Before workouts and races, consume 300-400 calories. Complete your meal 3 hours before you start exercise.
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Essential Article - Recovery Thumbnail

5. Recovery

Replenish your body with carbohydrates and protein as soon as possible after each exercise session, ideally within the first 30-60 minutes.
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Less is Best Approach Thumbnail

Less is Best

To fuel successfully, less is better than more!
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Top 10 Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make Thumb

The Top 10 - The Biggest Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make

If you're cramping, fading, or bonking and not sure why, read this! Here's how to avoid the most common mistakes.
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Why Protein is Important for Endurance Athletes Thumb

Protein - Why it's Important for Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes tend to focus on carbohydrate intake and pay little, if any, attention to protein. As a result, protein deficiency appears often among endurance athletes...
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