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Essential Knowledge Articles

Getting Started with Hammer Nutrition

A must read for all athletes beginning their preparation for a specific race or event, or just developing their workout/training program.
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Proper Fueling - Pre-Workout & Race Suggestions

How many times have you had a bite from an energy bar, taken a swig from an energy drink, or eaten a meal just an hour or two before starting a lengthy workout?
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Electrolyte Replenishment

Electrolytes are analogous to the motor oil in your car—they don’t make the engine run, but they’re absolutely necessary to keep everything running smoothly.
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Less is Best - The Right Way to Fuel

This is the keynote article on what constitutes proper fluid, calorie, and electrolyte intake during exercise. Our scientifically and experientially established position is this...
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Recovery - A Crucial Component for Success

Training causes physical stress and depletion. Recovery is when adaptation to that stress occurs; it involves improvements not only in muscle performance, but also in glycogen storage.
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Protein - Why it's Important for Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes tend to focus on carbohydrate intake and pay little, if any, attention to protein. As a result, protein deficiency appears often among endurance athletes...
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Hydration - What You Need to Know

Water is the most important substance on earth, 60% of your body weight, and the number one concern on any athlete's intake list.
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Caloric Intake - Proper Amounts During Endurance Exercise

Endurance and ultra-endurance athletes require all three forms of fuel the human body uses for energy: carbohydrate, protein, and fat.
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