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Healthy Eating

PROTEIN DEBATE: Which Protein Is Best?

A protein food strength or weakness is based on the quality and quantity of its essential amino acid profile for healthful growth effects.
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Monosodium Glutamate MSG, Glutamic Acid Glutamate, Glutamine Review

Glutamic Acid, or its ionic form, Glutamate, and Glutamine are under-rated "good" dietary amino acids found in most high protein foods.
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How Much Protein is Required for Endurance Exercise Thumb

How Much Protein?

The more prolonged or intense the exercise, the more protein the body cannibalizes for energy from the working muscles.
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Does a High Sodium Diet Inhibit Endurance Performance and Health?

Sodium makes up about 2.6% by weight of the Earth's crust making it the fourth most abundant element overall and the most abundant alkali metal.
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Cellular Growth Response to Pure and Impure Water

Plant Cells are like human cells. They both show a high degree of organization; a nuclear envelope forms a barrier between DNA-Genetic Material and the Cytoplasm of the cell.
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Dietary Fatty Acids

The outside membrane of all living cells is composed of a fatty acid film-like substance. Much of the inner life of the cell is determined by the quality of this membrane.
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Dietary Interventions for Increasing Strength

Ever wonder how, why, and where the flat stomach, thin thighs, and slim hips of your youth disappeared beneath a blanket of fat?
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Diet for Increasing Your Natural EPO

There is a distinct difference between unethical, harmful EPO-blood doping interventions and safe nutrition that effectively increases individual oxygen carrying capacity...
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Distilled Water Enhances Mineral Absorption

Absolutely, not...in fact just the opposite has been found to occur in cellular research studies.
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Dr. N.V. Perricone's Menu Plan

The Perricone nutritional program provides the foods that reduce inflammation and avoids those that provoke it. Study the lists of foods that are approved and those that need to be to be avoided.
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The Endurance Diet

Some foods transfer calories more efficiently producing more energy to meet the extraordinary demands imposed by extreme endurance exercise.
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Fish Oil's Benefits Defended

With Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency, the increased risk of inflammation, cardiovascular heart disease, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, stroke...
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Glutamine Benefits

The human body replenishes its glutamine needs from pre-glutamine amino acid substrates in the muscles and lungs.
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Hard Water Versus Health

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Menu Mistakes

A frequent question is "What diet improves performance?"
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The Organic Vegetarian Menu

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The Science of Meat for Endurance

The amino acid profile in meat tends to support endurance activities when certain guidelines are followed.
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Trans Fatty Acids

Athletes are attracted to the Hammer Nutrition all-natural stance against the dietary use of harmful preservatives, additives, refined simple sugars, pro-hormones, saturated fats...
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Sugar and Sugar Substitutes

146 Reasons Sugar Ruins Your Health

We are grateful to Dr. Appleton for granting us permission to reprint this most recent version of her eye-opening article.
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Aspartame Toxicity: Observed Side-Effects From Food & Drink

Before eating or drinking anything with Aspartame on the run or just for "fun", give serious thought to its proven toxic accumulative-use side effects shown in a wide assortment of related reliable research.
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Dietary Fructose and Fructose Containing Sweeteners Negatively Impact Health

Consuming as little as 40-50 grams or slightly over 1.5-ounce fructose over a 10 hour period may increase blood pressure, blood triglycerides...
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Fructose (Corn Syrup) is No Answer For a Sweetener

The consumption of fructose (corn syrup) has risen considerably in the general population within recent years.
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Fructose Sweeteners Negatively Impact Blood Sugar and Lipid Metabolism Inhibiting Energy Production

Fructose consumption alters how our body metabolizes energy from blood glucose and lipids resulting in serious health disorders...
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Simple Sugars and Complex Carbohydrates Thumb

Simple Sugars and Complex Carbohydrates - An Incompatible Combination

If you look on a container of a Hammer Nutrition fuel you'll find something that you'll probably not see on another energy drink or gel, a warning.
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Longevity's Relationship to Genetic Signals & Antioxidants

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New Study Shows ChromeMate Increases Lifespan

ChromeMate, a patented oxygen-coordinated, niacin-bound chromium, demonstrated its ability to prolong the life span of test animals by more than +22 percent.
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Training and Recovery

The Heat Is On: Staying Cool in the Heat

With the summer's heat presently approaching, I have had several questions from the field on hydration, fuel selection, and electrolyte supplements for coping with thermic-induced DNF's, bonking, and cramping. Everyone is born with a unique, special one-of-a-kind biochemistry, which prevents even the best of scholars from professing a single correct formula for us all.
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Airway Resistance Training

The USA Olympic development invests significant funds for determining how to improve athletic performance by a single percent.
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Sickness at Altitude

The best "Plans of Mice and Men" are predictably spoiled when exercise at altitude spins its nauseous entangling web, converting an anticipated personal best into a DNF or laborious personal worst!
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Sleep Builds Strong Muscle Mass

Sleep Is Important To Training Performance Gains
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Weight Management

What 24 "Helpful Hints" Increase Lean Muscle Mass and Lose Extra Body Fat Weight?

Everyone should be thinking now about how to achieve early "fighting weight" before the competitive season arrives.
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Weight Loss Question Suggested Keys to Adopt

The human body is individual when it comes to body weight distribution.
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