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Athlete Education Articles

Hammer Gel: Real fuel, not candy!

If the label of your energy gel says it contains fructose, sucrose (sometimes disguised as cane syrup or honey), or glucose, it contains simple sugar.
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Perpetuem: Precisely formulated to go the distance

Since its introduction in 2003, Perpetuem has been put to the test in the most grueling events imaginable and come out on top. From the Deca Ironman to summiting Mount Everest to swimming the English Channel
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Endurolytes: 3 ideal options for cramp-free exercise

There's absolutely no reason to suffer through even a fraction of another season because of performance robbing muscle cramps
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Chocolate Milk Falls Short as a Recovery Drink

For maximum training benefits, choose a high-quality recovery fuel
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Study: Sugary Sodas Speed Aging

Many popular sports drinks are made with the same unhealthy sugars
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Reach Winning Form Fast

5 surefire tips for losing pounds
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Expert Says Worst Allergy Season Ahead

Conditions ripe for high pollen counts this spring and summer
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Energy Crisis

Check your gel's label - simple sugar is simply dangerous
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Do You Know What's in Your Food Bar?

Fueling for health and peak athletic performance
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Nutrition Myth Busted

Diet alone not enough for good health, say researchers
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