• I've been using Hammer Nutrition products for several years now
    awesome company, products and service. Customer for life!
  • Always a positive experience.
    The Website is easy to navigate and the needed product information is well organized.
  • Always easy to place an order online.
    Products always in stock. Recoverite is simply the best post exercise drink. Strawberry flavor is spot on. I use only Hammer products! The Hammer Team in Montana is also simply the BEST!!!!
  • Been with you guys since 20th Century.
    Great products, great service, informative newsletters.
  • Shopping is easy with Hammer.
    I love how the recent purchases are on the top page and go back as far as 180 days. it makes it simple and easy to find.
  • No complaints, only 100% satisfaction for me.
    Intuitive, easy to use, very well organized and categorized website for shopping and browsing product, etc. As-promised delivery has never failed me.
  • Always easy to find what I need.
    We love the nutrition that Hammer products provide. I've tried many other products and the quality of ingredients that goes into Hammer is the highest around. I can tell a difference if I take a "fast" from my supplements. Thnx Hammer for keeping quality at its peak along with us!
  • Always great.
    Great products, great company, great customer service (although not used this time) and great, simple ordering interface. Keep it up.
  • HEED has become an essential part of my training and competing!
    Wouldn't do anything without it!
  • Always a great shopping experience
    can't wait to try some of the new products I ordered!
  • Fantastic chat (with a live person!)
    Exceptional service and product. The site is easy to use.
  • Thank you Hammer Nutrition.
    The experience with Hammer Nutrition is very good. I would recommend Hammer Nutrition Products to those who want to avoid the high sugar drinks offered in stores. The product videos are educational too.
  • Hammer is the best.
    About a month ago I had a terrible time on a 100K+ ride, and called Hammer for advice. Brian spent a half hour on the phone with me, explaining what went went wrong and suggested corrective action. Adhering to his advice, all my rides since then have been great, now I know what I did wrong. What other nutrition company would do that? You now have a client for life!
  • Been using Hammer products since 1999
    the products and customer service never disappoints!
  • Refreshing!
    I appreciate the wealth of information on the products, the transparency of the product line (e.g., clarifying the differences between products and why you might prefer one over another), and the no-nonsense marketing.
  • Almost 20 years of Hammerfaction!!
    Still hammering!!!! Great products!!! Hammer ON!!
  • Shyanne was great helping on a previous order
    Def will be a lifelong customer. Great products and services!
  • Hammer Nutrition remains one of my favorite websites for online shopping
    not only for its ease-of-use but for the plethora of information about nutrition and the products they provide.
  • Hammer on the bike, hammer up a big mountain!
    I had a great chat with S. Born to get ideas for a 12 hour summit climb at altitude and got great information. I'll be experimenting with the products on some long hikes as I train.
  • using the online shopping is always an easy and flawless experience
    I always receive my product sooner than expected, and I love that all of the product information is available through the website.
  • the best customer service out of any supplement company I have ever dealt with
    The free magazines that educate the customers on which products are for what things excellent job. They are doing something no one else does.
  • Hammer Nutrition is superior in every way.
    I wouldn't trust anyone else with my nutrition or performance needs. Thank you to the entire team for all that you do!
  • Hammer and its staff ROCK!!!
    There's nothing better than Hammer-- it's my go to product for all my rides!!
  • Lifelong customer for sure!
    This is my 2nd order and I'm looking forward to the same great quality and experience as the 1st.
  • I love the products and the order process is very easy.
    Keep it up guys!!!
  • Found what I wanted to order right away
    Found what I wanted to order right away, added to cart and checked out. Easy to order, website easy to read.
  • Great service to go along with the great products.
    I had a question on shipping address, called in and the CSR stayed with me thru the order and verified the shipping address. That is great customer service!
  • Always a pleasure ordering from Hammer Nutrition.
    The website and ordering process is very straight forward.
  • Hammer products "Rock"
    I appreciate the involvement with the FCA camps
  • Shopping at the Hammer website is a joy.
    It is so easy to find the products, and the information you provide about the products is so helpful. The quality of the products is superb.
  • Love love love your products
    Love love love your products and all the education that goes with each one
  • I always trust the quality of Hammer products
    I always trust the quality of Hammer products without question. This is a new product that I want to try. I expect that it will meet my needs. Thanks.
  • I've been a Hammer customer for over 10 years.
    Occasionally, I try other products just out of curiosity. I always return to Hammer. Fuel quality and customer service are fantastic. Hammer on!
  • Items are easy to find and reorder
    Items are easy to find and reorder, and checkout is quick and intuitive.
  • Easy to navigate, easy to checkout.
    Everything I wanted was in stock. Can't get any better than that.
  • You guys rock.
    Excellent customer service and products. Very friendly website. I strongly recommend this company.
  • Hammer is the best.
    Always has been, always will be. Yes, I'm biased, but I can objectively say that there is no need, ever, to look elsewhere. Hammer is unbeatable. Have tried lots of alternatives in the last 30+ years, but to no avail. Save yourself the trouble. Go with Hammer
  • Hammer Nutrition is a go-to source of quality products for physically active persons.
  • Simple website layout and easy checkout
    Always the best customer service in the biz before, during and after an order.