• Shopping with Hammer is always a good experience.
    The products are high quality. I have gotten free samples of other products and always go back to the consistent taste and quality of those from Hammer. It's resisting the great gear that's the hard part!
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    Website is ridiculously easy to navigate. A host of high-quality product offerings. Customer service is fantastic! I'm a customer for life!
  • Awesome!
    Love the products and I'm always happy with what I get from Hammer!
  • love the videos for each product.
    really makes it easy to know what i'm looking at and how it'll help me (and makes it easier to add items to my cart) keep em comin!
  • always a pleasure working with your company.
    My Naturopath son highly recommends the products as the research and quality control are of a very high standard. Dr. P
  • It has been a great experience so far.
    I plan to continue my journey with Hammer Nutrition
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    Ordering online is slick and easy!
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    great products, great service
  • Everything is easy with Hammer Nutrition.
    Great website, easy to checkout, everything shows up quickly.
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    I appreciate how fast you get product out the door because I always wait until I'm close to my last serving before ordering!
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    Hammer is simply the best products out there and reordering is so easy.
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    no waiting, professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. Strong supporters for the U.S. Veteran/ Military/ Retiree community. 5+ Stars.
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    I have recommended Hammer for many years
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    Training for an 88K, These products help you rock out the training and stay fit and healthy!
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    They have worked for me, in both endurance cycling and high altitude mountaineering. If you want the best, you have found it here.
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    From their product selection, to the easy website navigation and friendly staff shopping with them is always a pleasure.
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    I love how Hammer explains everything and is very open about all of their products.
  • I love the Hammer products.
    They are very high quality and fit great. I have clothes from 2007 that I still wear. The Endurolytes I have used in over 100 marathons and hundreds of shorter races and triathlons. I never race without them.
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    Great service and top notch quality
  • My experience with Hammer is 100% always.
    They make amazing products and are a great company.
  • Website is user friendly
    easy to find and get information about various products. Thanks!
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    Very fast. Thank you.
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    Hammer is my "go to" for endurance energy and supplements.
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    I was able to find the products and information I needed quickly.
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    I cannot work out in warm weather without your fizz tablets!
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    Always a good customer experience buying from Hammer Nutrition online.
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    You guys are awesome!!!!!!
  • You set the standard for customer service.
    Thank you!
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    Quality products and Brian Frank is a super good guy as he is always willing to talk shop with customers. I spent 30 minutes asking questions before a big race last year. He patiently endured all my questions. That is how you win customers for life!
  • Great as usual (long time customer).
    Very happy with your products and service
  • I love Hammer Nutrition products and purchases online are easy.
    Products are easy to find. As a consumer who maintains a vegan diet, I appreciate that there are quality products available for me too!
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    process is easy and selection very good. Thanks Hammer!
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    It's a real time-saver that I appreciate in my busy schedule.
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    They go above and beyond in all that they do
  • Always a great experience because of the Customer Service!
    Live Chat makes it fast and easy to get the advice, guidance and answers I need! Thank You Hammer Team!
  • Love the product.
    My husband and I live in a very active retirement community and we both use Recoverite following long workouts, pickle ball, and golf. Also, really appreciate the personalized care Hammer offers. We got a phone call thanking us for our last order.....very nice in today's world that someone actually thanked us for something.
  • Always a pleasure ordering from Hammer Nutrition.
    All the products are top of their class in terms of effectiveness and quality.
  • Shopping with Hammer Nutrition continues to be an easy process.
    They have constructed their website so that everything is easy to find.