Get Rewarded with our Referral Program!

Here's How

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Tell a friend about Hammer Nutrition

Give your client number to a friend who's NEVER ordered directly from Hammer Nutrition.

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They get 15% off their first order

When a new client uses your client number on their first order they receive a 15% discount!

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You get 25% of their order total as store credit

You get 25% of their order subtotal credited to your account to use like cash on a future order!

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Everyone Wins!

Send a Referral Card By Mail

Referral Card Sample

Do you prefer not to email? No problem! Just click on these coupons to download. Fill in your name and client number, then hand them out to friends who have never placed an order with Hammer Nutrition. It's that simple! Download Printable Referral Cards

Please Note: We do not keep the emails of friends you have entered and will never send out emails to these addresses until we receive orders from them. We will send you periodic notices of the referral points you accumulate and will automatically apply them to your future orders.


Email a Referral Invitation

Use the form below to email an invitation to your friends or family inviting them to try Hammer Nutrition products.

By sharing your Client Number with prospective clients you are agreeing to our Referral Policy Notice.

Program Details

Shipping charges are not included in discounts or rewards. Here are some more terms and details:

  • We cannot offer retroactive rewards. Your friends must mention your name or client number at the time of ordering.
  • The person being referred must not have ordered anything from us before.
  • Do not refer your spouse or have a friend be the new client and place an order for you.
  • Not applicable to members of the same household.
  • Cannot be used with another offer.
  • We reserve the right to end this program or refuse any individual at any time without notice.
  • Referral rewards will expire after one year.
  • Valid referral cards are always available free of charge.
  • This rewards program does not apply to EMS unit purchases.