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Hammer Nutrition originated the Endurance Supplement category back in 1987, when Brian Frank first offered Race Caps Supreme—the most potent, legal performance enhancer on the market. Nearly three decades later, we offer a complete line of premium supplements for peak performance, daily wellness, and enhanced recovery. Like our original Race Caps Supreme, all are safe, effective, and made only from the highest quality ingredients.
  • Tissue Rejuvenator

    Tissue Rejuvenator


    Starting at $19.95

    Less pain, more gain

  • Fully Charged

    Fully Charged


    Starting at $9.95

    Pre-Exercise Ignitor

  • Race Caps Supreme

    Race Caps Supreme

    Enhanced energy, endurance and recovery

  • Premium Insurance Caps

    Premium Insurance Caps


    Starting at $21.95

    High-potency supplement

  • Daily Essentials Kit

    Daily Essentials Kit


    Starting at $94.95

    For peak performance and health

  • Daily Essentials Kit Plus

    Daily Essentials Kit Plus


    Starting at $119.95

    Your foundation for a winning season

  • Mito Caps

    Mito Caps


    Anti-aging formula with powerful athletic benefits

  • New




    Daily source of essential omega-3 fatty acids

  • Endurance BCAA+

    Endurance BCAA+


    Starting at $29.95

    Powerful amino acid benefits

  • Race PR Kit

    Race PR Kit


    Achieve breakthrough race performance

  • Anti-Fatigue Caps

    Anti-Fatigue Caps

    Cleans up fatigue-causing ammonia

  • Race Day Boost

    Race Day Boost


    Give your performance a big boost

  • Energy Surge
  • Phytolean


    Win the war against weight gain

  • REM Caps

    REM Caps

    Better sleep = better performance

  • Essential Mg

    Essential Mg


    5-Source Magnesium Complex

  • PSA Caps

    PSA Caps

    Premium prostate protection

  • AO Booster

    AO Booster

    Supercharge your recovery and health

  • Super Antioxidant
  • Phytomax


    Live green super-food for peak energy

  • Digest Caps

    Digest Caps


    Probiotics for improved performance

  • Clear Day

    Clear Day

    Give airborne allergies the ax

  • Appestat



    Recalibrate your appetite

  • Boron



    Enjoy optimal hormone levels

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