Fueling Kits

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New and long-time Hammer Nutrition customers alike find our fueling kits a terrific value. Sample a wide selection of products in an assortment of flavors, and save up to $20 off individual prices! Choose gel, bar, or powder samplers, or short- or long-distance combo kits.
  • Short Fueling Starter Kit

    Short Fueling Starter Kit


    Flavorful energy options from start to finish

  • Long Fueling Starter Kit

    Long Fueling Starter Kit


    Ideal assortment for ultra distances

  • Ultracycling / Randonneur Starter Kit

    Ultracycling / Randonneur Starter Kit


    Endurance essentials

  • Complete Powder Sampler Kit

    Complete Powder Sampler Kit


    Find your favorite flavors!

  • Junior Powder Sampler Kit

    Junior Powder Sampler Kit


  • Ultrarunning Starter Kit

    Ultrarunning Starter Kit


    Ideal long-distance fueling combo

  • Hammer Gel® Sampler Kit

    Hammer Gel® Sampler Kit


    Includes 10 flavors

  • Endurolytes Fizz® Kit

    Endurolytes Fizz® Kit


    Try 2 of each flavor for one low price

  • Hammer Protein Bar Kit

    Hammer Protein Bar Kit


    Three tasty flavors

  • Hammer Bar® Kit

    Hammer Bar® Kit


    Five Delicious Flavors—try them all!

  • Hammer Bar® Sampler Kit

    Hammer Bar® Sampler Kit


    Food Bars + Protein Bars

  • Daily Essentials Kit

    Daily Essentials Kit


    Starting at $94.95

    For peak performance and health

  • Daily Essentials Kit Plus

    Daily Essentials Kit Plus


    Starting at $119.95

    Your foundation for a winning season

  • Race PR Kit

    Race PR Kit


    Breakthrough race performance



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