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The 9th edition of The Endurance Athlete's GUIDE to SUCCESS is now available for purchase! We've added even more information to this book making it a must-read for every endurance athlete.

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For too long, endurance athletes have been bombarded, and probably confused, by the plethora of concepts (including some pretty bizarre ones) regarding the proper fueling of their bodies prior to, during, and after exercise. To the rescue comes The Endurance Athlete's GUIDE to SUCCESS, which cuts through all the hoopla and provides a primer regarding these important issues.

While finding the solution to properly fueling the body is a very individualized endeavor, requiring consistent practice in training, this handbook provides the basic guidelines. It serves as the rationale behind the Hammer Nutrition line of endurance fuels and supplements which have been successfully used in nearly every conceivable endurance and ultra endurance contest on the planet.

Author : Steve Born

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