Globus EMS

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Italian-made Globus Electrical Muscle Stimulators (EMS) are designed to provide superior muscle training, toning, and recovery. All models offer a wide range of programs from warm-up to active recovery and massage. Let us help you select the ideal Globus unit for achieving your goals.
  • Globus Premium Sport Plus

    Globus Premium Sport Plus

    Top of the Line

  • Globus Premium Sport

    Globus Premium Sport

    Quality Electrical Muscle Stimulator

  • Globus Premium Fitness

    Globus Premium Fitness

    Top Notch Electrical Muscle Stimulator

  • Globus Battery Charger

    Globus Battery Charger

    Charge Your Globus Unit

  • Globus Car Battery Charger

    Globus Car Battery Charger

    Charge Your Globus on the Road

  • Globus Battery Pack

    Globus Battery Pack

    Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack

  • Globus Pads

    Globus Pads

    Electrode Pads for use with EMS Devices

  • Globus Lead Cable

    Globus Lead Cable

    Replacement Lead Cable for Globus

  • Globus Split Cables

    Globus Split Cables

    Train 2 Muscle Groups at Once

  • Conductivity Gel

    Conductivity Gel

    Extending the Life of your Electrode Pads

  • 30-Minute EMS Consultation

    30-Minute EMS Consultation

    Discover the Benefits of EMS with our Experts

  • 60-Minute EMS Consultation

    60-Minute EMS Consultation

    Integrate EMS into your Daily Training

  • Advanced EMS Consultation

    Advanced EMS Consultation

    Become an Advanced EMS User