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Compex, a Swiss brand, has been a leader in EMS technology for more than 20 years. From the entry-level Edge model to the highly sophisticated Sport Elite, Compex EMS units are highly regarded for training, recovery, and pain treatment. Let us help you select the ideal Compex unit for achieving your goals.
  • Compex Wireless USA

    Compex Wireless USA

    Regular Price: $1,149.00

    Special Price $599.95

    Maximum mobility and power

  • Compex Sport Elite

    Compex Sport Elite

    Regular Price: $649.00

    Special Price $249.95

    Additional recovery programs for athletes!

  • Compex Performance U.S.

    Compex Performance U.S.

    Regular Price: $449.00

    Special Price $199.95

    Ideal for all athletes

  • Compex Edge

    Compex Edge

    Regular Price: $249.99

    Special Price $149.95

    Attain Maximum Strength, Power, & Endurance

  • Compex Battery Chargers

    Compex Battery Chargers


    Starting at $19.99

    Always Keep Your Battery Charged

  • Compex Battery Packs

    Compex Battery Packs


    Starting at $39.99

    Stay Charged With an Extra Battery

  • Compex Belt Clip

    Compex Belt Clip


    Use Compex Hands-Free

  • Compex Carrying Bag

    Compex Carrying Bag


    Carry All Your Compex Accessories

  • Compex Pin Cables

    Compex Pin Cables


    Replacement Lead Wires

  • Compex Pin Electrode Pads

    Compex Pin Electrode Pads


    Starting at $9.99

    Electrode Pads for use with EMS Devices

  • Compex Snap Electrode Pads

    Compex Snap Electrode Pads


    Starting at $14.99

    Electrode Pads for use with EMS Devices

  • Compex Snap Cables

    Compex Snap Cables


    Replacement Lead Wires

  • Elite User Manual CD

    Elite User Manual CD


    Learn to use Compex Elite properly

  • Elite Quick Start Guide

    Elite Quick Start Guide


    Cover All Your Elite Basics

  • Conductivity Gel

    Conductivity Gel


    Starting at $4.95

    Extending the Life of your Electrode Pads

  • Performance User Manual CD

    Performance User Manual CD


    Learn to use Compex

  • 30-Minute EMS Consultation

    30-Minute EMS Consultation


    Discover the Benefits of EMS with our Experts

  • 60-Minute EMS Consultation

    60-Minute EMS Consultation


    Integrate EMS into your Daily Training

  • Advanced EMS Consultation

    Advanced EMS Consultation


    Become an Advanced EMS User



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