Complete Powder Sampler Kit


Find your favorite flavors!

This kit includes the following:

  • 4 HEED single servings: Mandarin Orange, Lemon-Lime, Strawberry, and Mild Melon
  • 4 Perpetuem single servings: Chocolate, Strawberry-Vanilla, Orange-Vanilla, and Caffe Latte
  • 2 Recoverite single servings: Orange-Vanilla and Vanilla
  • 2 Vegan Recoverite single servings: Chocolate and Strawberry
  • 3 Whey single servings: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry


The Complete Powder Sampler Kit includes single serving packets of all our powdered flavors.

  • HEED Sports Drink - a healthy alternative to keep you hydrated
  • Recoverite - for a rapid and enhanced recovery, which allows you to obtain the maximum value from all your hard workouts
  • Perpetuem - provides consistent, reliable energy, maximizes stored fat utilization, and buffers lactic acid to prevent muscle fatigue