Coffee Accessories

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For true coffee lovers, coffee is much more than a hot morning drink. The ultimate coffee experience starts with grinding fresh 53x11 beans, and ends only when you've savored the last sip from your favorite mug. From pour-over brewers to insulated travel mug, our selection of quality accessories includes all you need to experience 53x11 Organic Coffee at its best, at home or on the road.
  • 53x11 Travel Mug

    53x11 Travel Mug

    Made in the USA!

  • 53x11 Coffee Mug

    53x11 Coffee Mug

  • Porcelain Coffee Brewer

    Porcelain Coffee Brewer

    Single Cup Coffee Brewer

  • Single Cup Top Brewer

    Single Cup Top Brewer

  • Chambord French Press (34 oz)

    Chambord French Press (34 oz)

  • Bistro Electric Water Kettle

    Bistro Electric Water Kettle

    Two cup water kettle

  • Natural Brown #2 Coffee Filters

    Natural Brown #2 Coffee Filters

  • Bamboo #2 Coffee Filters

    Bamboo #2 Coffee Filters

  • Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

    Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

  • 53x11 Decal Sheet

    53x11 Decal Sheet

    Spread the word about 53x11 coffee blends!

  • 53x11 Water Bottle

    53x11 Water Bottle

    Specialized Cycling Water Bottle

  • 53x11 Coffee Tee

    53x11 Coffee Tee

    Made in USA