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Welcome to 53x11 Coffee, where ardent coffee lovers meet amazing coffee. Originally created by cyclists, for cyclists, 53x11 Coffee today is dedicated purely to delivering the best cup of organic, fair-trade coffee in the world. We utilize only sustainable organic, pesticide-free farms, and support trade wages and direct purchasing to give more to those growing the beans. Check out our Coffee of the Month Club.
  • Big Ring

    Big Ring

    100% Organic Sumatra

  • Chain Breaker

    Chain Breaker

    Signature Espresso Blend

  • Early Break

    Early Break

    Medium Roasted "Everyday" Blend

  • Down Shift

    Down Shift

    Decaffeinated Espresso Blend

  • 53x11 Travel Mug

    53x11 Travel Mug

    Made in the USA!

  • 53x11 Coffee Mug

    53x11 Coffee Mug

  • Porcelain Coffee Brewer

    Porcelain Coffee Brewer

    Single Cup Coffee Brewer

  • Single Cup Top Brewer

    Single Cup Top Brewer

  • Chambord French Press (34 oz)

    Chambord French Press (34 oz)

  • Bistro Electric Water Kettle

    Bistro Electric Water Kettle

    Two cup water kettle

  • Natural Brown #2 Coffee Filters

    Natural Brown #2 Coffee Filters

  • Bamboo #2 Coffee Filters

    Bamboo #2 Coffee Filters

  • Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

    Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

  • 53x11 Decal Sheet

    53x11 Decal Sheet

    Spread the word about 53x11 coffee blends!

  • 53x11 Water Bottle

    53x11 Water Bottle

    Specialized Cycling Water Bottle

  • 53x11 Coffee Tee

    53x11 Coffee Tee

    Made in USA