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At Hammer Nutrition, we firmly believe that knowledge is a cornerstone of athletic success. Below you will find our guides to successful endurance fueling, as well as a few of our favorite books on nutrition, hydration, and more. Put this knowledge into practice and you will achieve peak performance and wellness.
  • How To Hammer

    How To Hammer

    Optimum usage and starting suggestions

  • 5 Secrets of Success

    5 Secrets of Success

    Read, use, and succeed!



    Healthy Meal Ideas

  • Treat Your Own Neck

    Treat Your Own Neck

    Help Yourself to a Pain-Free Neck

  • Treat Your Own Back

    Treat Your Own Back

    Help Yourself to a Pain-Free Back

  • Food Is Your Best Medicine

    Food Is Your Best Medicine

    A Diets Role in Warding off and Curing Disease

  • Suicide by Sugar

    Suicide by Sugar

    Dr. Appleton Directly Exposes the Health Risks of Sugar

  • Healing Back Pain

    Healing Back Pain

    Discover Tension Myositis Syndrome and How You Can Get Relief

  • Water: The Shocking Truth

    Water: The Shocking Truth

    Learn About the Best Water for Your Health

  • Healthy Bones

    Healthy Bones

    Learn how to Reverse Bone Loss

  • Killer Colas

    Killer Colas

    The Hard Truth About Soft Drinks