Hammer Gel - Usage Instructions

Use as a primary fuel source of calories during exercise less than 3 hours.

Consume 1 serving 10 minutes before and every 45 minutes during exercise. Add 16– 26 oz (473–768 ml), depending on temperatures, of water per hour.

If using more than one fuel, be sure to count all of the calories from all of the products consumed to reach a correct total hourly intake.

Use as a secondary calorie source during exercise lasting more than 3 hours; it’s time to switch to Perpetuem® as your primary fuel source. However, Hammer Gel can be combined with Perpetuem or any other Hammer fuel during prolonged exercise for variety and to avoid flavor fatigue. Just be sure to count calories from all sources to avoid over-consuming.

Carry as many as needed for the duration of your exercise. Please retain the tab and empty pouch for proper disposal.

Hammer Jug & Flask
Economical, eco-friendly, and convenient!

Add the desired amount of servings, then top off with water. Shake well and consume entire contents gradually during exercise until the flask is empty.

Hourly Fuel Bottle
Mix 1–2 servings of Hammer Gel® in a 21–26 oz water bottle to make a custom sports drink. Consume during each hour of exercise.


Add a scoop of Endurolytes® Extreme Powder to your bottle for conditions over 80 degrees.