Why don't you sell gelatinous energy chews?

We worked diligently for almost two years in the hopes of making an energy cube, block, or similar product. Unfortunately, after countless attempts we found that it simply couldn't be done without the inclusion of copious amounts of simple sugars in the formula. As you probably already know, we are very much anti-simple sugar; we believe they are inappropriate carbohydrate sources for both athletic performance and overall health. So even though it certainly would have been profitable for us to produce a "Hammer Cube" to sell to athletes, to do so would be hypocritical and completely inconsistent with our fueling recommendations. We're much more interested in your athletic performance and overall health, which is why we do not produce a simple sugar-filled gelatinous energy product. For more information regarding why we do not recommend the use of simple sugars please read the article, Proper Caloric Intake During Endurance Exercise.