Why don't you offer a Hammer Gel with protein?

The problem with making a carb + protein gel is that in order for the protein component to maintain stability in solution, and for the product to have a reasonably decent shelf life in general, it would require the inclusion of preservatives. Perhaps a significant amount of them. We do not want to include preservatives in any of our products, as we do not feel they offer any benefits for athletic performance or general health, which is why we do not have a carb + protein gel available.

This question can be addressed in one of the articles in the Endurance Athlete's Guide to Success called The Hammer Nutrition Fuels - What they are and how to use them, specifically in the section entitled "Important FAQ's regarding Sustained Energy and Perpetuem," the following is written:

By design, neither Sustained Energy nor Perpetuem contain any artificial preservatives. Preservatives provide absolutely no benefits for athletic performance or general health - we consider them health hazards, which is why we do not include them in either of these products, or any of the Hammer Nutrition fuels.

As a result, once mixed in solution the protein component in both Sustained Energy and Perpetuem is affected in the following ways:

  1. At some point in time it will eventually sour and no longer be acceptable for consumption.
  2. It tends to separate after awhile and may settle on the bottom of a bottle or hydration pack bladder.

We believe that not having artificial preservatives in the products is far more important that these two inconveniences; however, they are things that you need to remember when using Sustained Energy or Perpetuem.