Why does my right leg twitch more than the left when I'm running Active Recovery even though both legs are at the same mA value?

What you are identifying here is a muscular imbalance between the left and right limb. This is normal, as we all have a dominant and weaker side of the body. When we have a limb that is stronger than the other, that limb is stronger in the sense that it has more muscle mass, but also in a neuromuscular sense. What this means is that the stronger limb has less inhibition, and is able to recruit more muscle fibers for a muscle contraction than the weaker side. This is why one limb is twitching more vigorously than the other. The muscle that is more active is actually firing more muscle fibers than the other side, hence, more movement. So, the limb that is twitching more vigorously is the stronger limb. What you need to do is even this out by increasing the intensity to the limb that is twitching less until the twitching or muscle contractions are equal on both limbs or muscle groups. Obviously this is not an exact science as it is based on visual feedback, but you can get the contractions very close to one another. Over time this discrepancy will even out as the imbalance corrects itself. We can never completely resolve these muscular imbalances, but the Compex does allow us to work toward more balanced muscular strength. Even the Active Recovery and Massage programs can help overcome this neural inhibition and promote more balanced muscle contractions over time.