Why aren't Endurolytes Fizz available in a large quantity container?

While we strive to reduce packaging and waste whenever possible, quality and effectiveness of our products takes precedence. Endurolytes Fizz formula is highly susceptible to moisture. In order to ensure that the tablets retain full effervescent properties, exposure to humidity must be limited.

By offering Endurolytes Fizz in a 13-count tube, we can provide a convenient, cost-effective way to package multiple tablets with limited exposure to moisture; the tube includes a built-in desiccant for ambient moisture absorption and inhibition of premature effervescent reaction. Higher-quantity packaging would increase the number of times that tablets were exposed to air and humidity (with each time that the container was opened), and would therefore potentially reduce the shelf life and activate effervescence. Foil-wrapped packaging for Fizz singles, offered in a 25-count bag, ensures preservation of the tablets through the expiration date.