Fair Trade, Direct Trade & Certified Organic


53x11 Coffee is proud to support the farmers and their families that grow the coffee we enjoy. We buy certified Fair Trade, Direct trade, organic coffees. By dealing direct with the farmers our purchasing dollars don't get lost with the middle man. Read below to learn more.


The Fair Trade certification indicates that the coffee farmers receive a minimum price for their crop (they are also paid a premium for certified organic goods.) The coffee importer sources directly from the coffee farms and farmer groups, which shortens the supply chain and ensures the "fair price." The greater return on coffee allows for the farmers to reinvest in the quality of their farms and the surrounding communities. Beyond price, Fair Trade means that the farms are safe for their workers (no child labor, living wages, etc.) It encourages sustainable farming and prohibits the use of chemicals and pesticides that hurt the environment and the crop. By buying Fair Trade coffee and produce, we can support these initiatives.
(Source- TransFair USA)


Fair Trade was created at a time the coffee market was well below $1.00 per pound and coffee farmers were going broke and starving. It currently applies not only to coffee but also cocoa, sugar, bananas, and other commonly traded agricultural products. It is a certification designed to ensure that every product bearing its label is purchased at a base price that is above the cost of production for the farmer. For coffee, the Fair Trade export price is $1.26 per pound for unroasted beans and $1.41 for unroasted organic certified beans regardless of quality. Certified Fair Trade is a certification owned by FLO International and licensed in the US by Transfair USA. It is specific to democratically run cooperatives, and does not apply to private farms. This is where our Direct Trade helps.

Our Direct Trade Coffee is designed to meet the needs of private and family coffee farms and co-ops in todays market. We pay a base price that must exceed the higher of the C Market price and or Fair Trade price by at least 25% with a minimum paid to the farmer of $1.85 at time of harvest. We do not believe in coffee subsidies, but believe those farmers who do the best work, are committed to healthy environmental and social practices should get the best price. That's why we work with, and offer our support to, these skilled producers/artisans for the sole purpose of presenting our customers only the highest-quality coffee.