What are the main differences between HEED and Endurolytes Fizz?

HEED is a powdered sports drink that contains calories, a full-spectrum electrolyte profile, and key auxiliary nutrients. Endurolytes Fizz is a nearly-calorie-free, full-spectrum electrolyte replenishment product in effervescent tablet form.

Every scoop of HEED contains 110 calories and about the same amounts of electrolytes as one-half tablet of Endurolytes Fizz. While taking into account the many variables that determine how much electrolytic mineral support you need, our general (read: not “set in stone, but a good starting point”) recommendation is one-half tablet of Endurolytes Fizz (or one Endurolytes capsule) for every 50-60 pounds of body weight per hour, altering that dose on an as-needed basis. Using that gauge, lighter-weight athletes will oftentimes find that 1-2 scoops of HEED in a water bottle will cover their entire fueling requirements — fluids, calories, and electrolytes — for an hour or so. The same is true for most athletes who are doing short-duration workouts and require only minimal amounts of calories and electrolytes.

During longer bouts of exercise, when Perpetuem or Sustained Energy is the primary fuel (and especially when concentrated, multi-hour bottles of either product are being used), Endurolytes Fizz is an ideal alternative to Endurolytes capsules, primarily for athletes who are either unable to swallow capsules during exercise, or who prefer to fulfill their electrolytic mineral needs via lightly flavored, effervescent (“fizzy”) electrolyte water.

A key point to remember is that if you put “X” amount of scoops of HEED or “X” number of Endurolytes Fizz in your water bottle, your dose is preset . . . you’ve basically put a ceiling on it, which can become an issue if what you’ve put in your bottle is proving to be insufficient (such as if the weather gets hotter). Therefore, we highly recommend that you carry extra Endurolytes Fizz tablets or Endurolytes capsules. You may end up not needing them, but you’ll feel better knowing that you have them within easy reach, should the conditions require more electrolytic mineral support than what you’re obtaining from however many scoops of HEED or Endurolytes Fizz tablets you’ve put in your bottle.

Lastly, you can most definitely add Endurolytes Fizz tablets to your bottle(s) of HEED to bolster the electrolyte content. If you’re adventurous, you can create a new flavor by, for example, adding Grape Endurolytes Fizz to Melon HEED, or numerous other creative combinations.

Bottom line:HEED = Calories + electrolytes; Endurolytes Fizz = Electrolytes only. Now you know the differences between these two great fuels!