What is the difference between Active Recovery, Massage, and Recovery Plus?

All three of these programs are designed to promote blood flow to a muscle and/or promote endorphin release from the body to help manage soreness post workout. Each of these programs functions slightly differently, however, which makes one better than the others for certain uses and body parts. Active Recovery is designed to stimulate blood flow, which promotes recovery by flushing out any metabolic waste and delivering fresh blood and nutrients to the muscle group. Active Recovery also stimulates endorphin release from the body. This makes Active Recovery ideal for post workout recovery. Active Recovery can also help manage soreness and discomfort of various muscle groups. Think shoulders after a long day at the office.

Massage simply stimulates blood flow to a muscle group, which makes it ideal for post workout recovery and for relieving stress in muscles that are sore or tight. The end result is similar to Active Recovery, but without the endorphin release. Massage also runs at the lowest frequency of all the recovery programs, making it the best option after very rigorous completion or training. Use this program for post workout recovery and for managing soreness and discomfort. Some prefer this program over Active Recovery, so use both to determine which works best for you

Recovery Plus (found only on the Sport Elite) produces a muscle twitch which clears lactic acid, increases blood flow, and promotes muscle relaxation. This program runs at a lower frequency than Active Recovery, making it a great choice for fatigued muscles.

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