Coffee Storage


The first step in brewing the perfect cup of 53X11 Coffee actually comes before you even grind your beans or implement your favorite brewing technique. Storage plays an intricate role in obtaining the freshest cup of coffee. Coffee is the frequent victim of poor storage practices, if you are looking for the freshest cup of coffee storage is where it all begins! Coffee starts losing its freshness soon after it is done roasting and reaches its flavor peak in the first few days after a short aging process were gasses are released from the roasted coffee bean.

One of the biggest misconceptions about coffee storage is that the cool air of fridges and freezers will keep coffee fresher for a longer period of time but this could not be further from the truth. Fridges and freezers, because of their high moisture content, will actually cause the flavorful coffee oils to breakdown even faster than if stored dry at room temperature. Once these savory oils breakdown your expensive coffee will start to absorb outside moisture and will soon taste like the inside of your fridge or freezer! An ideal storage location for an unopened bag is a cool, dark, dry place, such as a pantry. For opened bags we recommend the same storage technique but encourage that you transfer your opened bags into an airtight ceramic, glass, or non-reactive metal container if you are planning storing coffee for longer than one week.