Can I mix your products together?


All Hammer Nutrition fuels are completely compatible with one another, so you can use them interchangeably as desired. This is especially beneficial in ultra-endurance events as it provides a greater variety of quality fuels to choose from. For example, you can use Perpetuem and/or Sustained Energy from start to finish, or you can occasionally switch to HEED and/or Hammer Gel to add variety. However, you should meet at least two-thirds of your fueling requirements from Perpetuem or Sustained Energy.

When you use Hammer Gel and HEED for events longer than two hours, you do not need to start with them and then switch to Sustained Energy or Perpetuem. You can use Hammer Gel and/or HEED at any time during your workout. An extra flask of Hammer Gel in your pocket can save the day if you have already drained your Sustained Energy or Perpetuem mix and you begin to flag with several miles still to go. It will give you a quick pick-up just when you need it, even if it's many hours into your event.

You can mix and consume Sustained Energy or Perpetuem three different ways depending on individual preference and logistical concerns. Please experiment with the following options to determine which works best for you.

    1. Gel or Paste: If you want to carry the highest volume of calories in the least amount of space, this is your best option. Sustained Energy or Perpetuem can be made into a super-concentrated, near paste-like consistency and dispensed from a Hammer Gel flask. Using a blender or bowl and spoon, mix scoops of powder with a small amount of water, gradually adding water as necessary to create the consistency desired. Remember that the heavier and more concentrated Perpetuem is mixed, the sweeter and stronger the flavor will become. Depending on how many scoops per hour you have determined you require, and based on how concentrated the mix is, each flask of Sustained Energy or Perpetuem can supply you with 2-4 hours of fuel. As with the multi-hour bottle, you must carry additional bottles of plain water or use a hydration system to meet your fluid requirements. Drink from them according to the temperature so that you are consuming amounts in the range of 20-25 ounces of plain water per hour, depending on the severity of the heat. As long as you have a water supply, you can go, go, go.


    1. The One-Hour Bottle: This method works best in training or racing situations where you have a support crew and vehicle. They can keep your mixed bottles chilled and prepare fresh bottles of fuel along the way. If you're without a support crew but still want to use this option for mixing, keep in mind that it's obviously less convenient, as you'll have to stop more frequently to mix your fuel drink. Also, because you are trying to fulfill both hydration and caloric requirements from one source, you have limited ability to adjust one without affecting the other. Either way, with or without a support crew, to make the one-hour bottle, mix the suggested number of scoops of Sustained Energy or Perpetuem for your bodyweight in a small (20 ounces) or large (24-28 ounces) water bottle. Consume one bottle hourly.


  1. The Multi-Hour Bottle: This is by far the most convenient method of fueling because it allows you to be self-contained for many hours, requiring only additional plain water along the way. The only limitation is how many scoops you can fit into a bottle. Determine your proper hourly intake in scoops by experimenting with the numbers from the dosage chart below. Let's say you've determined through testing that 2 scoops of Perpetuem per hour is your ideal caloric intake. You need a 4-hour fuel supply. Mix eight scoops (2 scoops x 4 hours) in a large bottle with as much water as will fit in. You may need to add a few scoops at a time to get it all to mix well. You then "nurse" this bottle, taking small sips every 15-20 minutes. In this concentration, the water in the mixed bottle does not contribute more than a couple of ounces to your hourly fluid intake needs. To meet your fluid requirements, you carry a second and possibly even a third bottle of plain water, or use a hydration system, or know where you can refill along your route. Drink according to the temperature/humidity and your exertion level so that you consume in the range of 20-25 ounces of plain water per hour. This way, as long as you can obtain water along the way, you're set for hours of hard training.

    Perpetuem - Suggested Doses by Body Weight*:
    0 - 120 lbs (approx 54.5 kg) - up to 3/4 scoop/hr. This provides approximately 101 calories.
    120-155 lbs (approx 54.5-70 kg) - 1 scoop/hr. This provides 135 calories.
    155-190 lbs (approx 70-86 kg) - 1.25 to 1.5 scoops/hr. This provides approx 169 to 202.5 calories.
    190+ lbs (86+ kg) - up to 2 scoops/hr. This provides 270 calories.

    Sustained Energy - Suggested Doses by Body Weight*:
    0 - 120 lbs (approx 54.5 kg) - up to 1 scoop/hr. This provides 107 calories.
    120-155 lbs (approx 54.5-70 kg) - 1 to 1.5 scoops/hr. This provides 107 to 160.5 calories.
    155-190 lbs (approx 70-86 kg) - 2 to 2.5 scoops/hr. This provides approx 214 to 267.5 calories.
    190+ lbs (86+ kg) - up to 2.75 scoops/hr. This provides approx 294 calories.