Can a high dose of vitamin E decrease lifespan?

The short and quick answer to this is “no” and our more-detailed response to this issue appears in the article, “WSJ Wrong on Vitamins” by Neil Levin, CCN, DANLA, in Endurance News Issue #50.

Additional articles regarding the flaws of this “study” are by James South:

Vitamin E: Still Beneficial After All These Years
Vitamin E: Still Safe After All These Years

Vitamin E Does Not Increase Heart Failure!

I think you will find these articles quite enlightening, especially the first one of South’s where he explains the problems/flaws associated with the meta-analysis of the 19 vitamin E trials. Of the points that South makes, two should really catch your attention:

1 - Most of the trials involved people who were already sick, some gravely so.
2 - The list of subjects in the “shortened lifespan” category included those who had died as a result of factors unrelated to vitamin E consumption, such as car accidents.

When those “variables” are taken into account, how can the conclusions still be considered valid?

Once you read these articles you will find that sensible vitamin E supplementation is not only safe but benefiting to health. The Optimal Daily Intake (OPI) for vitamin E is 400-1200 IU, which is what we recommend.