The first thing you want to do when brewing coffee, with any technique, is to make sure your equipment has been thoroughly cleaned. Any leftover residue or leftover brewed grounds will leave a bitter taste and even a rancid flavor if not cleaned for extended periods. Baking soda is great for cleaning any plastic components and vinegar or standard dish soap should remove any mineral deposits from your equipment. There are countless techniques for brewing coffee; drip coffee, Turkish coffee, Vacuum brewing, percolating, French press, etc. But in general guidelines for all brewing techniques is the brewing temperature should be between 194 - 204 Fahrenheit and depending on the coffee grind varying steep times are necessary. For most coffee drinkers the knowledge that your drip coffee machine, when filled to capacity, should automatically brew coffee to these specifications is reassurance enough, but many coinsures that prefer specialized grinding & brewing methods these temperatures should be closely monitored for creating the best cup of coffee! Take a moment to enjoy your perfectly brewed cup of coffee, smell the aroma, taste your coffee and notice how your brewing technique has affected the body, acidity and balance of your coffee. If it is your first cup of 53X11 Coffee you should notice that the degree of freshness and some simple changes in your preparation influence the perfect cup of coffee.