Are your products lab tested for quality and purity?

Yes. None of the Hammer products contain any Chinese-sourced ingredients, nor do they come from other questionable sources. In addition, we only work with well established, FDA certified facilities that follow the strict GMP (good manufacturing practices) guidelines. Brian Frank (the owner of Hammer Nutrition) has been doing business with most of these vendors for over 20 years and they are generally industry leaders in their area. Each one of them will and does provide periodic, random assays.

Dr. Bill Misner (the now-retired head of our R & D) states:
"Between 1996-2008, I reviewed both Certificates of Analysis from manufacturers of Hammer Nutrition products, including independent lab analysis that confirmed manufacturer's Certificate of Analysis. Whether the Certificates of Analysis' or independent lab analysis' level of detection limit was set at PPM (parts per million) or PPB (parts per billion), all confirmed each product contained only the ingredients listed on the label plus 1-4% above the listed amounts described on the ingredients list. I retired from active employment February 2006 but serve as an advisor to Hammer Nutrition upon request. Hammer Nutrition has maintained integrity and quality in their entire line. My wife, I, and members of our family take Hammer products daily for health and fitness."