All Great Coffee Is Organic!


Friends don't let friends drink non-organic coffee!

Virtually everyone starts the day off with a cup of coffee at home or at their favorite coffee shop, but many consumers are unaware that they may be poisoning themselves, one toxic sip at a time! Mindful shoppers often spend a wealth of time selecting high-quality, certified organic, raw, sprouted, and/or gluten-free products while being completely unaware that the non-organic coffee beans they are drinking each morning are one of the most chemically treated agricultural product on the planet.

Although most fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals are heavily regulated or banned in the United States, harmful petroleum-based products are legal and widely used in almost every coffee-producing country! These heavily sprayed pesticides and chemicals are designed to kill agricultural pests and bacteria; if the process is extremely harmful to these living organisms, how can it not be harmful to humans? Non-organic coffee not only affects you and the quality of your morning cup, it also harms the workers that tend to these polluted crops, slowly destroys the soil's natural fertility and sustainability, distresses native animals, and leeches damaging chemicals into local water supplies.

In today's marketplace we are left to make countless decisions on each item that we come across in the grocery store, do we select higher priced organic products, or pesticide- and chemical-treated products? These decisions might seem difficult, but doing your small part can make a huge difference. At 53x11 Coffee we recommend eating healthy, living happily, practicing a sustainable lifestyle, being your best both on and off your bike, and drinking only 100% organic coffees!