Perpetuem Solids:

The Ultramarathoner's Fueling Answer


When faced with an ultramarathon, nutrition choices can make orbreak the race. Improper fueling is a double-edged sword: lackor overabundance of the wrong fuel, and you are guaranteed to bonk - essentially, run out of energy. Repeat unhealthy habits and you mightas well add gastrointestinal distress, excess soreness, poor recovery,and a whole host of health issues to the list of problems you are likelyto encounter.

After completing several ultramarathons, I have seen everything whenit comes to unhealthy and unhelpful fueling strategies. Typical aidstations will provide a free-for-all fare of candy, salt-laden chips,and artificial sports drinks. Not only do these options provide ZEROenergy for the participants, but they are also unfortunately tied tothe myth that you are allowed to eat whatever you want during anultra. This couldn't be further from the truth! Sure, a handful of chewysweets may look enticing in the moment, but do you really want tosacrifice the rest of your race for a moment of tempering your tastebuds?

My response to these sugary, synthetic, and empty calories is to fuelup with Hammer Nutrition's Perpetuem Solids. Endurance athleteswho are familiar with Hammer products rely on Perpetuem, a productdesigned for workouts and eventslasting over three hours. Thisdelicious powder is formulated witha blend of complex carbohydrates(maltodextrin), soy protein, andhealthy fats, with additionalperformance-benefiting ingredients.It is a fantastic way to find longlastingenergy, protect yourmuscles, and stay strong on yourway to the finish line.

While this product is a top-notchsolution for endurance athletes ofall disciplines, ultrarunners havea unique problem to address: lackof storage space for their fuel.Cyclists have water bottle cageson their bikes, seat packs, andjersey pockets, and even longdistancehikers have hefty packs,but ultrarunners are faced withscant options. Combine thiswith the fact that not everyrace is equipped with drop bagstations and ultrarunners havea challenge even before the racebegins. There are three mainoptions ultrarunners have toprovide on-the-trail fueling:hand-held water bottles, waistbelts, and hydration vests.Depending on the race, itemsjousting for real estate in myvest or pack include nutrition,hydration, a packable jacket,gloves, a phone, a headlamp,moleskin, and perhaps trekkingpoles. That's a lot of gear tocarry, so I spend significant timeplanning my race-day strategy - nutrition supplies always takethe top priority.

Enter Perpetuem Solids. Theseconvenient tablets contain thesame ingredients as the product'spowder counterpart, but in achewable, packable form thattakes up less space, does notspoil, and will curb the hungerand protect against musclebreakdown runners experiencefrom multi-hour events. Utilizethe chart on Hammer Nutrition'swebsite to customize your servingsize, pick a flavor, and measureout hourly doses in a storagemethod that works for you.Add some Endurolytes (Fizz orcapsules), a few Hammer Gelsas a back-up plan, and you areALL SET for the race or longdurationworkout. It really isTHAT simple!

The next time you run an ultra,pack some Perpetuem Solidsto ensure you have qualitynutrition; these tablets willprovide a straight-forwardfueling plan that keeps you fromexperiencing the disastrousconsequences of aid stationsnacks. In fact, you just mightbe able to bypass the aid stationtime-trap altogether! Don'tcomplicate race-day nutrition;keep it simple, safe, and effectivewith Perpetuem Solids.

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