7 Recovery Tips

For your toughest workouts


Recovering thoroughlybetween all yourworkouts - even the easierones - is undeniably important.But what about those ridiculouslyhard workouts, the ones afterwhich you tell yourself, Oh, am Igoing to be sore tomorrow. I doubtI'll be able to function? Afterthose kinds of training sessions,do you simply resign yourself tothe possibility that even gettingout of bed may be difficult?

It doesn't have to be that way!Apply these steps and I'll betyou'll wake up the next dayfeeling a whole lot better than youever thought you would!

1. Consume a double serving(four scoops) of Recoveriteright after the workout'sdone. After a grueling trainingsession, you may find that you'rejust too tired to whip up a highqualitysit down meal andthat your stomach isn't readyfor solid food anyway. You stillhave to refill the tank, though,especially after such a brute ofa workout, and that's where adouble serving of Recoverite isin order. Your body will receive,and soak up, a most-generous 66grams of complex carbs, 20 gramsof whey protein isolate, and sixgrams of glutamine. Recovery hasnow begun in superb fashion!

2. Take one capsule eachof Chromemate andEssential Mg withyour Recoverite. This is aninexpensive yet powerful wayto enhance glycogen synthesisand storage capabilities. Toquote Dr. Bill Misner, theanabolic response for convertingcarbohydrates to muscleglycogen will not completelytake place in the absence ofGTF chromium (Chromemate).Consuming a sufficient amountof carbohydrates along withChromemate will result in a300% increase in the rate ofglycogen synthesis compared to nosupplementation.

Magnesium is the perfectcomplement to chromium forproper insulin function. Awealth of research shows thatsupplementation with this allimportantmineral helps improveinsulin function as well ashow efficiently and effectivelythe cells take in blood glucose.Magnesium also protects againstinsulin resistance, a conditionin which your cells' ability torespond to insulin is diminished,which is an important factor inhow well they move glucose fromthe bloodstream and into yourmuscles and other tissues.

3. Take one capsule of Boronwith your Recoverite.Taking supplementalboron on a daily basis is anexcellent idea, as this tracemineral plays numerous rolesin many general health areas.Boron is also key for restoringexercise-depleted hormone levelsto normal, so it's a must-takenutrient after a super-arduous,hormone-depleting trainingsession.

4. Resupply vitamins! Afteran I'm not sure howI'm going to recoverworkout, your body is beggingfor nutrient support. Vitamins,minerals, and antioxidants arein high need during this time.Hammer Nutrition's PremiumInsurance Caps (a dose of fourto seven capsules) will resupplythe vitamins and minerals yourbody needs as well as someantioxidants. Additionally,Hammer's arsenal of potentantioxidant supplements,including Mito Caps (two capsulesper dose), Super Antioxidant (oneto two capsules), and AO Booster(one capsule now, one capsulelater with a meal), will supplywide-ranging protection againstthe damaging effects of freeradicals.

5. Take this trio to helpput the fire out! TissueRejuvenator and/or VeganTissue Rejuvenator (manyathletes use a combination ofboth) are great products foralleviating both muscle andjoint soreness. They really shinewhen used after those super hardtraining sessions. Take two to fourcapsules of either Rejuvenatorwith your Recoverite and anothertwo capsules with a later mealto supply your body with a widerange of nutrients that reduceswelling.

AO Booster, mentioned earlier,is not only a potent antioxidantsupplement, but everything in theproduct has soreness-alleviatingproperties as well.

It's an ideal complement to TissueRejuvenator. Take one AO Boostercapsule with your Recoverite andanother capsule with a later meal.

Lastly, among their manybenefits, the omega-3 fatty acidsin EndurOmega are well-knownfor alleviating muscle and jointsoreness. I recommend taking twocapsules with your post-workoutmeal plus another two capsules atanother time during the day.

6. Use different types ofHammer CBD. Researchcontinues to revealbountiful benefits provided bythe wide range of cannabinoidsand terpenes found in the hempplant. Topically applied HammerCBD Balm is especially beneficialfor those particularly achymuscles and joints. HammerCBD softgels or tinctures willalso help alleviate soreness andaches while promoting manyother aspects of optimal recovery.Perhaps oral CBD's greatestbenefit is its ability to enhancesleep quality and duration, bothof which are absolutely essentialfor maximizing recovery fromexercise as well as promotingoverall health.

7. Consume one scoop ofHammer Whey Proteinprior to bedtime. You don'tnecessarily need to do this afterevery workout, but definitelymake whey protein consumptiona habit prior to hitting the sackafter your toughest trainingsessions . . . you'll definitely feelmuch better the next morning.

Mix one scoop of Hammer WheyProtein in six to eight ounces ofwater, drink it, then brush yourteeth and go to bed. Simple!The body now has an excellentdose of amino acids which it willuse during a time (sleep) whenit runs many of its reparation/recuperative processes. The sixgrams of glutamine you'll ingestwill elevate serum human growthhormone (hGH) levels, whichleads to anabolic (muscle-building)effects. Whey protein is also thebest protein source for alleviatingmuscle soreness, so you'll receivethat benefit as well.

With these seven tips and an eyetoward recovery support, you'llbe feeling better and strongerfrom the moment you finish yourworkout to the next time you startactivity.

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