Clarity on CBD

A Clinical Review from the Medical Community


As I have said since I first introduced Hammer CBD products, sorting through the hype, wide-ranging claims, and misinformation is no simple matter.

Many of you have also expressed that we have not helped to clarify things a lot in this regard. I apologize for that, but as is the case with everything we sell, we must be very careful not to make medical claims that would get us in trouble with the FDA. This is true of CBD more than any other Hammer Nutrition product.

So I was thrilled when a Hammer customer who is a Boston Marathon and Pikes Peak Marathon finisher reached out to us through support@ to tell me about his recently published book. CBD (Cannabidiol): A Clinical Review by Mark W. DelBello MD FACP CDE is an objective source of scientific information from a medical doctor and accomplished endurance athlete. It’s definitely not light reading, but if you want the most comprehensive resource currently available on this subject, I encourage you to order a copy and dive into it. As Dr. DelBello stated during our correspondence, “I am a straight shooter and what I see about CBD presently is the Wild West. I am not a believer in the supplement industry, but not a hater either.”

He is a double board-certified physician in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. In 2017, he authored a similar clinical review on obesity, which I have on order and am looking forward to reading. You can buy Dr. DelBello’s book online. Type the title and his name into any search engine and lot’s of links will come up!

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