Artificial Sweeteners

Their link to dementia and strokes


The conclusion of a recentstudy published in theApril edition of the journal,Stroke, was direct and to-thepoint:Artificially sweetened softdrink consumption was associatedwith a higher risk of stroke anddementia.

Both sugar- and artificiallysweetenedbeverage intake havebeen linked to cardiometabolicrisk factors (the chances ofhaving diabetes, heart disease orstroke), which increase the riskof cerebrovascular disease - agroup of conditions that affect thesupply of blood to the brain - anddementia.

This particular study, whichincluded nearly 3,000 participantsover 45 years old involved inthe Framingham Heart StudyOffspring cohort, showed that whileconsumers of sugar drinks andartificially sweetened drinks wereat increased risk for having smallerbrains and advanced brain aging,the consumption of one artificiallysweetened diet soda daily wasassociated with triple the risk ofsuffering a stroke or becomingdemented.

While the increased incidencesof dementia and stroke wereassociated only with thoseconsuming artificially sweeteneddrinks, experts strongly recommendthat people not switch back tosugar-sweetened drinks. Sugarsweetenedsodas contain copiousamounts of sugar, which has beenassociated with numerous negativehealth consequences, including:

  • Weight gain
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure, highcholesterol, heart attacks, andstrokes

According to renowned nutritionalexpert, Dr. Gabe Mirkin,Accumulating evidence showsthat sugared drinks are harmful toyour health. Several recent studiessuggest that artificial sweetenersmay also be harmful to your health.The safest drink for quenchingthirst appears to be water.Unsweetened coffee and tea appearto be safe choices also.

Bottom line: Staying away fromboth sugar- and artificiallysweetened-drinks - even more sothe latter, it appears from thislatest study - will help keep youclear of the many diseases andhealth issues associated with both.

None of the Hammer Nutritionfuels has ever contained anyartificial ingredients, includingartificial sweeteners. Instead, weuse the healthy sweeteners xylitoland stevia. In addition to naturallysweetening the product, both xylitoland stevia promote positive oralhealth, as neither ferment andsupport the acid-producing bacteriathat cause tooth decay.

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