5 Reasons Why

Premium Insurance Caps should be YOUR multi!


For optimal health and enhancedathletic performance, you mustaim to consistently consume ahigh quality diet. This isn't justfor the vitamins and minerals,but primarily for the beneficialphytonutrients, enzymes, andfiber that an endurance athleteneeds. To fill in the gapsbetween what your diet shouldcontain and what it actuallydoes, daily supplementation witha high quality vitamin/mineralsupplement is equally important.Here are five things aboutPremium Insurance Caps to makethem stand out from the rest:

1. Optimum, not minimum,amounts. Unlike manysupplements that containinadequate RecommendedDaily Intake (RDI) amounts ofnutrients, Premium InsuranceCaps is formulated with OptimumDaily Intake (ODI) amounts ofthe highest quality vitamins andminerals. Dr. Shari Liebermanhits the nail on the head aboutwhy the use of ODI amounts insupplementation is so vital. RDIsreflect amounts that are adequateto prevent nutrient-deficiencydiseases, and are not tailoredfor individual needs. In order toattain a state of optimum healthand disease prevention, she says.We must take into our bodiesoptimum - not minimum - amountsof vitamins and minerals. Forexample, Premium InsuranceCaps contains superb levels of theB complex vitamins, thus makingadditional products unnecessary.

2. Capsules, not tablets. Thenutrients in Premium InsuranceCaps are contained within a allvegetablecapsule. That means theywill dissolve much more rapidlyand thoroughly than tablets would,so your body actually will receivethe nutrients you're consuming.Because tablets can take longerto break down, they often irritatethe intestinal lining and causestomach discomfort. Additionally,tablets can pass through theentire digestive system onlypartially dissolved or completelyun-dissolved. Either way, yourbody does not get the full volumeof nutrients you ingested, whichmeans you're not really gettingwhat you paid for.

3. Highly-assimilated, aminoacid-chelated minerals. Formany minerals, there are severalforms available, all with differingabsorption rates. Some companiesuse inexpensive forms of mineralsin their products (ex: magnesiumin the oxide form or calcium in thecarbonate form). Unfortunately,these cheap forms are not as wellabsorbed as others, such as thesuperior amino acid chelates we usein Premium Insurance Caps.

4. Multiple digestive enzymes formaximum nutrient absorption. It'snot what you consume, it's whatyou absorb. To aid the absorptionof nutrients, Premium InsuranceCaps includes digestive enzymessuch as pepsin, papain, Bioperine„¢,and our Proprietary Enzyme Blend(protease, amylase, glucoamylase,lipase, cellulase, phytase, maltase,and sucrase). If its not bioavailable,its not valuable.

5. Only beneficial nutrients, nosalt and pepper. Some companiesadd auxiliary nutrients at levelsthat have no real value (what wecall salt and pepper amounts).All of the nutrients included inPremium Insurance Caps areat levels that will provide realbenefits. Your goal isn't just tomaintain health at a minimallyacceptable standard. Your goal isto achieve supreme health! Get theabsolute most out of your body bygiving it the vitamins and mineralsit needs. Let Premium InsuranceCaps be your foundation.

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