Hard Water Versus Health

By: William Misner, Ph.D.

From 1996 until his retirement in 2006, Dr. Bill worked full-time as Director of Research & Development at Hammer Nutrition. Among his many accomplishments, both academically and athletically, he is an AAMA Board Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner and the author of "What Should I Eat? A Food-Endowed Prescription For Well Being". - Dr Bill's Full Bio

Have you noticed how hard water leaves scales of deposits all around faucets, steam kettles,and hot water heaters? The same corrosive deposits that require a licensed plumber to repair or replace in our homes may require the services of a medical specialist to treat in you in the distant future.

There is now speculation among many Preventative Medicine Doctors and Alternative Medicine Nutritionists that the same harmful inorganic mineral deposits do occur in human subjects resulting in arthritis, kidney stones, gallstones, and hardening of the arteries. They contend the human body absorbs chelated-organic minerals, rejecting use of inorganic hard water solutes, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. Some of the metallic minerals, (lead, mercury, chromium, arsenic) are extremely toxic, even if consumed over a moderate periods of time.

Water polluted with inorganic solids conducts electricity, while water without these contaminants will NOT complete a simple electric circuit. When a "light-bulb tester" instrument attached to an electrical 110-volt outlet (with 2 copper wires encased 1/2" apart) is dipped into a water sample with as few as 5 parts per million inorganic solids, the light will dimly "flicker". If a water sample has only 2 parts per million or less inorganic solids, the solution will fail to carry electricity across the gap, failing to light the bulb. Most tap water contains from 350 to 1000 parts per million contaminants resulting in a very "bright light" test.

Are you interested in avoiding inorganic solids?

A word of caution: Water containing harmful inorganic solids may be found in places you never suspected. In fact, the supermarket will happily sell you water loaded with useless harmful hard water minerals in attractive labeled plastic containers. The following water samples were purchased and tested in our "Lab":

Natural Spring Water
$.83Very Bright*
"Tap Water"
from faucet
?Very Bright*
Canadian Natural Spring Water
$.75Bright Light**
Filtered Water
?Bright light**
"Safeway Select Refreshe"
Natural Spring Water
$.37Dim light***
"Tahoma" Pure Glacier
Water from Mt. Rainier
$.57No Light
"Aquafina" Purified
Drinking water
$.45No Light
Distilled Water
$.10No Light
"Distilled Water"
from an MD-4 Distiller
$.02No light

*Very Bright indicates high amounts of inorganic solids in this water sample may be harmful to long-term health.

**Bright light indicates moderate amounts of inorganic solids in water sample may be harmful to long-term health.

***Dim light indicates small amounts of inorganic solids in water sample. (+5 parts per million will cause light to flicker)

NO LIGHT indicates 2 parts per million or less inorganic solids; This water is "safe" to drink, if it contains no organic contaminants. (Only distilled water is free of organic material and micro-organisms.)