The Edge: Endurolytes Fizz

Refreshing, chemical-free electrolyte replenishment


With Endurolytes Fizz, you can keep muscle cramps at bay during training and racing simply by dropping a tablet or two in your water bottle! Fizz, like other Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes products, replenishes a full spectrum of electrolytes to accurately and precisely meet your complete electrolytic mineral needs hour after hour.

Available in convenient, rapidly dissolving effervescent tablets, Fizz is a refreshing, healthy alternative to other electrolyte products on the market. Here's why:

  • Superior cramp prevention
  • Delicious natural flavors
  • No refined sugars
  • No polyethylene glycol

Check the labels of other effervescent electrolyte products. You'll see that most contain only two or three electrolytic minerals, and unhealthy amounts of sodium. Most also contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors. What's more, most also include polyethylene glycol - a petroleum derivative sometimes used in antifreeze and laxatives!

Delicious Endurolytes Fizz provides a full range of electrolytes, vitamin B6, tyrosine (to support thyroid and adrenal function), natural flavors, and stevia (a natural, plant-based sweetener). Endurolytes Fizz contains no questionable additives - all at a price that no other electrolyte product can match. With Endurolytes Fizz, you can be sure that you are using the healthiest, most effective effervescent electrolytes available!

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