Phytolean: Reach Winning Form Fast

5 surefire tips for losing pounds


With the season's first A race right around the corner, this is the time to do all you can to shed those last extra pounds. Scientists now know that losing weight and keeping it off requires more than cutting calories. Here's a weight loss strategy that's healthy and effective.

1. Eat more plants. Studies have shown an inverse relationship between vegetable and fruit intake and Body Mass Index (BMI). The more whole plants you eat, the leaner you'll be.

2. Boost healthy proteins. Many studies have shown that higher protein diets help increase metabolism, resulting in weight loss. Choose quality proteins, such as eggs, wild-caught fish, and grassfed organic meats. Whey protein, as in Hammer Whey, is especially beneficial for building muscle tissue and losing fat.

3. Choose healthy fats. Consuming the right "good fats" helps break down unwanted existing body fat. Some studies have shown that coconut oil can help boost metabolism. Avocados, nuts, and eggs also are great sources of healthy fats.

4. Cut "bad" carbs. Cutting sugars and starches is probably the single most important thing you can do to shed weight. These foods stimulate insulin - your body's main fat storage hormone. Eliminate table sugar, desserts, and sugary drinks, pasta, and breads.

5. Accelerate results with the "dream team" - Phytolean and Appestat. Phytolean helps blocks the absorption of starchy carbs, while increasing fat metabolism. Appestat helps suppress appetite and reduce sugar cravings. Together, they will help you achieve winning form faster than you might dream possible! HN

Q: When would be the most ideal time to use Phytolean?
A: You can use Phytolean before any high-carbohydrate meal, especially one that contains lots of starchy carbs.

Q: How many capsules do I need to take?
A: We suggest taking two capsules with meals. If the meal is excessively high in carbohydrates, a third capsule may be taken if desired.

Q: Can I use Phytolean with Appestat?
A: Yes, both products can be used in tandem. Keep in mind that Appestat is designed for short-term use, primarily during the off season, and in a "three weeks on, one week off" cycle. Phytolean can be use all year long, if necessary and desired.