Peanut Butter Hammer Gel (AES vol 5.14)

"Ultra" rock-solid energy and endurance!


Long-lasting energy comes in a new flavor—Peanut Butter Hammer Gel. We've barely been able to keep it in stock at Hammer Nutrition headquarters due to its increasing popularity. And it is not surprising . . . new peanut butter offers more than another delicious flavor to choose from.

With a substantial dose of protein and fat in addition to the complex carbohydrates found in other Hammer Gel flavors, Peanut Butter Hammer Gel delivers "ultra" energy, perfect for events and workouts lasting from one hour to longer—even all-day efforts. It also gives you a savory alternative to the sweet fruit-flavored Hammer Gels.

Peanut Butter Hammer Gel opens the door to a wide range of possible uses, such as during the run portion of a half or full iron distance triathlon, a long running workout or race, or during any type of ultra-distance event . . . whenever your body needs a little protein and healthy fat along with complex carbohydrates. With the Peanut Butter flavor, you can enjoy the convenience of Hammer Gel while also fulfilling your energy requirements more completely. The naturally occurring protein (1 gram/ serving) and fat (2 grams/serving) make this particular flavor definitely an "ultra" energy gel.

While Peanut Butter Hammer Gel tastes awesome on its own, mixing it with other flavors provides many palate pleasing possibilities. A half-and-half Peanut Butter/Espresso Hammer Gel combination? Incredible! Mix Peanut Butter with Montana Huckleberry or Raspberry Hammer Gel and you've got a "PB&J" endurance fuel that will make your taste buds sing. With so many flavor combinations possible, giving you variety in fueling throughout spring training and summer events, you can let your imagination run wild.

No matter which flavor you choose, Hammer Gel should be your energy gel of choice:

1) No added, non-beneficial "ose" sugars!
To enjoy the kind of high-quality, sustained energy that you're looking for, it's imperative to avoid the use of any fuel that contains added carbohydrates in the form of simple sugars, the ones with the last three letters "ose" in their name (i.e., glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc.). "Ose" sugars are undesirable because:

  • They provide inconsistent and short-lived "flash and crash" energy. Riding a roller coaster of energy - feeling great for a few brief moments, then struggling to overcome an energy rut - is no way to enjoy your workouts or achieve top race results.
  • They supply very low and almost always inadequate amounts of calories that the body can assimilate and utilize for energy. A calorically weak simple sugar concentration of 6-8% is the limit; higher concentrations will be digested less efficiently, resulting in an increased risk of digestive problems such as nausea, bloating, cramping, and diarrhea.
  • They increase the potential for overhydration and its host of associated problems. When you try to fulfill your body's calorie requirements by consuming increased quantities of simple sugar-containing energy gels, you must drink copious amounts of fluids to adequately digest them.

2) Stable, long-lasting energy from complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin)
Complex carbohydrates are superior to simple sugars for three primary reasons:

Peanut Butter Hammer Gel
  • They match body fluid osmolality parameters (280-303 mOsm), not at a 6-8% solution (the limit for simple sugars), but at a more concentrated 15-18% solution. Therefore, complex carbohydrates will exit the gastrointestinal tract at the same efficient rate as normal body fluids do, providing substantially more calories (up to three times more) than simple sugar mixtures will.
  • They have a high Glycemic Index (GI) rating. Maltodextrin, the complex carbohydrate used in Hammer Gel, has a GI value of 100, which is equal to glucose (100) and higher than sucrose (58-65) and fructose (12-25). Maltodextrin raises blood sugar levels as effectively as glucose and faster than other simple sugars. During and immediately following exercise, a high-GI carbohydrate - one that elevates blood sugar levels rapidly - offers a most-desirable and beneficial effect.
  • They don't cause the rapid and precipitous drop - that undesirable "peak and valley" or "flash and crash" effect - common with simple sugars.

3) Great taste
If an energy gel doesn't taste good, chances are you're not going to consume it, at least not with much enthusiasm. That's why we make ten flavors of Hammer Gel, including awesome, savory tasting Peanut Butter. With so many choices, you're sure to find several to enjoy hour after hour!

4) Great value
You can purchase Hammer Gel in a variety of ways to suit your needs:

  • Single-serving pouches - $1.40 each; 12 or more in any flavor combination for $1.25 each.
  • Hammer Gel Sampler Kit - 10 single-serving pouches (one in every flavor except Unflavored), a great value at $11.95. That's about $1.20 per serving!
  • Eco-friendly, 26-serving jugs of Hammer Gel (including Unflavored) - $19.95 each, or about 77¢ per serving. (HINT: When you find a flavor of Hammer Gel that you really like, this is the ideal way to purchase it!)
  • Three or more jugs in any flavor combination - just $17.95 per jug, or a mere 69¢ per serving! (HINT: When you find a few flavors of Hammer Gel that you really like, this is by far the best way to purchase them!)


For reliable, long-lasting energy, great taste, and versatility - all at an economical price - gluten-free, vegan-friendly, simple sugar-free Hammer Gel is the energy gel you want. Plus, thanks to the naturally occurring protein and fat in Peanut Butter Hammer Gel, you now have an "ultra gel" flavor option that helps fulfill fueling needs during longer-duration workouts and races.

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with Hammer Gel. Take Hammer Gel with you on your next run, ride, or training session, and experience what thousands of athletes already know: Hammer Gel is the premier energy gel, and it will make a noticeably positive difference in your workouts and races! HN