Endurolytes (AES vol 13.13)

The ideal way to enjoy cramp-free exercise!


Keeping muscle cramping at bay during training and racing can be as easy as taking a few capsules or dropping a tablet into your water bottle. There's absolutely no reason to suffer through another summer of performance-robbing cramps! By supplementing with Endurolytes prior to, during, and after all of your workouts and races, you'll replenish necessary electrolytic minerals. That's important all year long, but now, with the heat and humidity at or near their highest, it's absolutely essential.

Don't downgrade the quality of your workouts or jeopardize your races by relying on salt tablets, electrolyte supplements that contain excess amounts of sodium, or products that contain garbage ingedients such as refined sugars, chemicals, or artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or colors. Endurolytes contains the electrolytic minerals your body requires, in the right amounts, in the right balance, without any of that aforementioned junk. Endurolytes will accurately and precisely fulfill your electrolyte needs hour after hour regardless of your size, sport, training intensity, fitness, weather conditions, and how well or poorly you're acclimated to those conditions. We guarantee it!

Electrolytes: What they are and why you need them

Electrolytes are chemicals that form electrically charged particles (ions) in body fluids. These ions carry the electrical energy necessary for many functions, including muscle contractions and transmission of nerve impulses. Many bodily functions depend on electrolytes; therefore, optimal performance requires a consistent, adequate supply of these important nutrients.

Athletes often neglect electrolyte replenishment because they've "never had cramping problems." Even if you've been fortunate enough to have never suffered the painful, debilitating effects of cramping (count your blessings, you're in the minority!), you still need to provide your body with an appropriate supply of electrolytes, even in cooler weather. Why? Because the goal in replenishing electrolytes is not necessarily to prevent cramping (though, of course, you want to avoid cramping), but primarily to maintain specific bodily functions at optimal levels.

Cramping is oftentimes your body's way of letting you know that, regarding electrolytes, it's "on empty." When you've reached that point, the performance of many bodily systems (cardiovascular, central nervous, digestive, and muscular) has been severely compromised for some time, meaning your athletic performance has been deteriorating steadily as well.

You want your body to perform smoothly, without interruption or compromise. That's precisely why, just as you shouldn't wait until you're dehydrated or bonking before you replenish fluids or calories, you never want to wait until you're cramping before replenishing electrolytes.

Salt alone is NOT the solution!

In addition to completely neglecting to replenish electrolytes, many athletes make two other major mistakes regarding electrolytes:

  • They equate "electrolyte replenishment" with the intake of salt tablets or high-sodium foods, fuels, or electrolyte products. While salt (sodium chloride) is indeed an important component of electrolyte replenishment, it's not the whole story. Many athletes place too much emphasis on salt, forgetting that other minerals - potassium, magnesium, and calcium - are required along with sodium and chloride to adequately address and fulfill electrolyte requirements.
  • Dr. Bill Misner explains: "The electrolyte profile of Endurolytes balances cations (positively charged ions) and anions (negatively charged ions) responsibly without emphasizing one electrolyte over others. When a balance of cations to anions is managed in an energy producing cell - assuming the cell has adequate fuel and fluid - such a cell will produce energy at a higher rate than one overdosed by a single cation mixed with an irrational list of anions." This simply means that your body will perform better with a balanced supply of electrolytes than with just a dose (especially a large one) of sodium or any other single mineral.
  • They consume too much salt in their daily diet, which interferes with, and usually neutralizes, the body's complex and efficient built-in mechanisms that regulate and recirculate sodium from body stores.

Bottom line: When you oversupply your body with too much sodium, you end up causing more problems than you resolve. We have seen this over and over again with endurance athletes in regard to salt intake; far too many of them consume too much and end up suffering with a variety of problems, the least of which is stomach distress. We cannot emphasize enough that - just as it is with calories and fluids - electrolytes must be replenished in amounts that cooperate with, not interfere with, normal body mechanisms. You need to support your body's finely tuned and efficient mechanisms, not work against them.

That's why we put moderate amounts of sodium chloride (salt) in Endurolytes, along with appropriate amounts of all the electrolytic minerals you need. That's the right way - the "body cooperative" way - to replenish these important minerals during exercise.


Consistent replenishment of fluids and calories is essential to maintain energy levels during workouts and races. Providing consistent replenishment of electrolytes is an equally important component of proper fueling. Getting fluid and caloric needs dialed in is fairly easy to accomplish, but fulfilling electrolyte needs requires more attention and fine-tuning because there are more variables that need to be accounted for:

  • Unique biological predisposition in terms of minerals lost via perspiration
  • Differences in body weight and levels of fitness
  • The pace of exercise
  • The humidity and heat, and how well or poorly the athlete is acclimated to it

Using Endurolytes in your training and racing - as well as when you're working outside on a hot day - will resolve that challenge. Don't wait until you suffer the painful, performance-ruining consequences of improper electrolyte replenishment before you start using this product! No matter what the weather throws at you, any one of the three Endurolytes options will help you perform at your best. We guarantee that Endurolytes' proportionately balanced, full-spectrum electrolytic mineral formula will drastically reduce the potential for cramping, allowing you to enjoy optimal exercise performance. HN

Endurolytes: Complete electrolyte support

Consuming sufficient amounts of fluids and calories is essential to maintain energy levels during workouts and races. Providing consistent replenishment of electrolytes is an equally important component of proper fueling. Getting your fluid and caloric needs dialed in and nailed down is fairly easy to accomplish, but fulfilling your electrolyte needs requires more attention because you have many more variables to account for.

Using Endurolytes in your training and racing will resolve that challenge, so don't wait until you suffer the painful and performance-ruining consequences of improper electrolyte replenishment before you start using this product. Begin using Endurolytes right away! Endurolytes - available in capsules, powder, and effervescent tablets - contains the minerals you need, in the right amounts, and in the right balance. Endurolytes will accurately and precisely fulfill your electrolytic mineral needs hour after hour regardless of your size, sport, training intensity, fitness, weather conditions, and how well or poorly you're acclimated to those conditions. We guarantee it!

Endurolytes Fizz - No junk here!

When it comes to your daily diet or workout/race fuel, it's vital to be aware of just what it is you're consuming. At Hammer Nutrition, we have always advocated against ingesting anything that isn't going to benefit your health or exercise performance.

Three ingredients that are found in many effervescent electrolyte products, but not in Endurolytes Fizz, are a prime example of this:

Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
This is a petroleum-derivative compound that is made from ethylene glycol (ethane-1,2- diol), the main ingredient in antifreeze. Additionally, PEG is the active ingredient in a number of medications prescribed for treating constipation. In the case of an effervescent electrolyte product, it is used as a lubricating agent. Is PEG something you want in your body? Absolutely not! You won't find PEG in Endurolytes Fizz. Instead, we use wheat germ oil as a lubricating agent, undoubtedly a healthier choice. And though the word "wheat" is in the name, the wheat germ oil we use contains less than 5ppm (parts per million) gluten, significantly less than the FDA requirement for "gluten free" labeling. (A food must contain less than 20 ppm gluten to be labeled gluten free.

Acesulfame K
We at Hammer Nutrition take a "zero tolerance approach" regarding the consumption of artificial sweeteners, and so should you. If they aren't going to benefit health or athletic performance, and in fact may hurt them both, why would you ever want to ingest them? Acesulfame K contains methylene chloride, a carcinogenic chemical that is the propellant used in many aerosol products and is also used in the manufacture of paint stripping products, paint removal products, adhesives, and more. Long-term exposure to methylene chloride is believed to be linked to several health disorders including headaches, depression, nausea, mental confusion, and others. Studies indicate that this carcinogen can negatively affect the liver and kidneys, as well as cause cancer.

Dr. Bill Misner makes answering the question "Should I consume sucralose?" easy in stating, "This artificial sweetening ingredient is possibly worse than the processed simple sugars it replaces. It is difficult to imagine that a synthetic chlorinated disaccharide is an improvement." For sweetening a product, there are much safer alternatives, such as sorbitol and stevia, the natural sweeteners included in Endurolytes Fizz.

BOTTOM LINE: Though other effervescent electrolyte products contain one or more of these non-beneficial substances, you won't find any of this junk in Endurolytes Fizz, the healthier way to replenish electrolytes.