Endurolytes: 3 ideal options for cramp-free exercise


There's absolutely no reason to suffer through even a fraction of another season because of performance robbing muscle cramps.

By using Endurolytes before, during, and after all of your workouts and races, you'll replenish necessary electrolytic minerals and enjoy smooth, uninterrupted performance without cramps. That's important year-round, but it's absolutely critical now as outdoor temperatures rise.

Endurolytes provides exactly what your body needs:

  • Complete electrolyte replenishment
  • Superior cramp prevention
  • Easy, flexible dosing

Check the labels of other electrolyte products. Most contain excess sodium and one or two other minerals - not the full spectrum found in Endurolytes. Formulated with healthy ingredients and nothing artificial, Endurolytes helps your body perform its best.

Endurolytes capsules - Our original full-spectrum formula meets the electrolyte needs of most athletes with precision, hour after hour.

Endurolytes Extreme capsules - Bolstered with extra sodium chloride and potassium, Endurolytes Extreme is ideal for the toughest electrolyte challenges.

Endurolytes Fizz - For those who prefer a mildly flavored "fizzy" electrolyte water; Fizz effervescent tablets dissolve easily and go to work fast. Almost all other effervescent electrolyte products contain toxic chemicals like polyethylene glycol, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colors. NOT Fizz!

Don't suffer the debilitating effects of improper electrolyte replenishment. No matter what the weather throws at you, you'll enjoy peak performance without cramping with Endurolytes!

Excess sodium hurts performance and health

Consuming excess sodium in any form - whether in your daily diet, or before or during exercise - can ruin your performance and hurt your health. Unlike salt tablets, which provide only sodium and chloride, Endurolytes provides a full spectrum of minerals, in amounts that will not override your body's normal regulation mechanisms.

The possible consequences of excess sodium intake include:

  • Increased risk for cardiovascular disease due to higher blood pressure, or enlarged or weakened heart
  • Loss of bone density due to poor calcium absorption
  • Decreased kidney function
  • Swelling of feet and hands
  • Impaired electrolyte balance resulting in dizziness, cramping, depression, or nausea

Avoid these effects by limiting your daily dietary sodium intake to 2,300 mg, and rely on Endurolytes to replenish electrolytes safely and effectively.