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Our informative newsletter explains the science and rationale behind Hammer Nutrition fuels and supplements. You'll learn what they contain, why we included them, how best to use them, and other valuable tips that will help you fuel right and feel great!

Athlete Education Articles

Tissue Rejuvenator: Promote repair safely and naturally!

Tissue Rejuvenator has quickly become one of Hammer Nutrition's top-selling supplements and with good reason. It works!

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Endurolytes: 3 ideal options for cramp-free exercise

There's absolutely no reason to suffer through even a fraction of another season with performance robbing muscle cramps.

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Perpetuem: Precisely formulated to go the distance

Since its introduction in 2003, Perpetuem has been put to the test in the most grueling events imaginable.

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Phytolean: Reach Winning Form Fast

5 surefire tips for losing pounds

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The Edge: HEED sports drink

Sustained energy, no tooth decay

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The Edge: Hammer Gel

For quality concentrated energy, no other gel comes close

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The Edge: Recoverite

The key to ultimate recovery

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The Edge: Hammer Recovery Bars

Recovery never tasted so good

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The Edge: Hammer Whey Protein

Supercharge your recovery

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The Edge: Endurolytes Fizz

Refreshing, chemical-free electrolyte replenishment

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