New Product: Fully Charged

Fully Charged Highlight

August 9th, 2016

A pre-workout supplement that takes performance to the next level.

About Fully Charged

Fully Charged is a revolutionary, pre-exercise formula. Hammer Nutrition’s new Fully Charged blows the doors off existing pre-exercise formulas because it isn’t about getting you amped up on copious amounts of caffeine or other central nervous system stimulants, which is what other pre-exercise products do. Instead, Fully Charged supplies a plethora of true performance-enhancing benefits, including:

  • Boosting nitric oxide levels
  • Increasing mental alertness
  • Enhancing fat utilization
  • Buffering acidity
  • Stimulating the production of ATP
  • Alleviating muscular soreness

… and more. It’s completely complementary to Race Caps Supreme, Anti-Fatigue Caps, Endurance Amino, and any other pre-exercise Hammer Nutrition supplements you may currently take. To use Fully Charged, mix one to two servings of this powerful new formula in 6-8 ounces of water and consume 15-30 minutes prior to exercise. “Good to go” has now taken on a whole new meaning! product can be used prior to any workout or race. We have thoroughly tested Fully Charged and were absolutely PSYCHED with the results we experienced. We know that you will be too. If you’re ready to be mentally and physically prepped to take your workouts and races to another level, you’re ready for Fully Charged.

Fully Charged has been amazing athletes since its introduction. But now these single-serving stick packs make life easier!

You can ride with them, run with them, hike with them, travel with them. Take your Fully Charged with you wherever you go! Each pack is super durable yet easy to open, and small enough to put in your pocket. Now you can recharge with a fresh drink of Fully Charged any place, any time…Just add water.

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