53x11 is the fastest, most powerful gear ratio on a standard road bike. We think it's a fitting name for our coffee. Our ties to cycling are deep. Not only were we competitive in this sport, but we also feel cycling is the answer or solution to many things. First, it's a zero carbon means of transportation. We are not dependent on foreign oils to power our bikes. Second, it's a healthy activity. Whether you do it for competition or commuting to work, it's a healthy activity that keeps us young.

Imagine a world where we all rode bikes and didn't commute via the automobile. Our air would be cleaner, our oceans would not suffer from the oil run offs and airborne pollutants, everyone would be healthier and friendlier. OK, I made the last part up. This is what 53x11 coffee is all about. We promote cycling, organic coffee, living a sustainable lifestyle, being environmentally responsible.

To us coffee and cycling seem to be the perfect pair. They both complement each other so well. Whether it's that morning cup before the big ride or a warm coffee after a hard day in the saddle, they go together without saying.

There are so many benefits that come with that good cup of coffee. Did you know coffee is a great source of antioxidants? It's been said that coffee is the number one source of antioxidant consumed by Americans. The caffeine in coffee has been utilized by athletes for many years. Whether you are drinking our great coffee for its many benefits and antioxidant properties or just because it tastes so good, we've included some useful info for you to browse through. Most importantly drink up, enjoy, and ride ready.