The Atypical Hammer Athlete

The High Life

"Mountain athlete" Scott Turpin takes slacklining to new heights with highlining.

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What kind of protein to use: soy or whey?

By: Steve Born

June 20, 2014

Which protein is best for use before, during, and after exercise has been a subject of much debate. We recommend...

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HEED—highly effective, healthy sports drink

By: Hammer Nutrition

June 13, 2014

Sports drinks have been around since the '60s, but judging by the new crop on the market, they have not evolved at all - sugar, salt, and citric acid are the primary ingredients and anyone who has tried to fuel themselves using this combination for more t

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Hammer Whey: the superior protein for health and recovery

By: Steve Born

June 9, 2014

With the staggering number of protein powders available, it's no wonder athletes come down with "puzzled by protein syndrome." But for maximizing lean muscle tissue repair, optimizing immune system function, safely elevating human growth hormone (hGH) lev

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