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"Mountain athlete" Scott Turpin takes slacklining to new heights with highlining.

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Good carb, or bad carb

By: Brian Frank

March 13, 2015

Here's the unsweetened truth about the carbohydrates in your food and exercise fuels.

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Now is the time for carbo loading!

By: Steve Born

March 6, 2015

True "carbo loading" is NOT what you eat before the race. It's the replenishment of carbohydrates and protein within the first 60 minutes after ALL of your workouts leading up to the race.

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Research shows: Sugary sodas speed aging

By: Steve Born

February 26, 2015

Recent research confirms just how unhealthy sugary soft drinks really are. In the recently published study involving 5,300 men and women, drinking a single 20-oz. serving of soda daily was associated with nearly 5 years of added aging!

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Gearing up for spring

By: Steve Born

February 20, 2015

Make this multipurpose bag #1 on your list!

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Heart-Healthy Recipes for Valentine's Day and Every Day

By: Hammer Nutrition

February 13, 2015

This Valentine's Day, show your loved ones you care with a gift of delicious, heart- healthy food made by you. Our breakfast through dinner menus feature simple, flavor- packed recipes and ingredients that help reduce blood pressure, encourage healthy cho

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From Fat and 40 to Winning a World Championship

By: Hammer Nutrition

February 6, 2015

Cycling team's emphasis on health and nutrition changes lives.

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Peak Adventure

By: David Steele, Hammer Nutrition athlete

January 30, 2015

Ski mountaineering offers high-altitude fun for those up for the challenge.

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Bee-Ware Honey

By: Steve Born

January 23, 2015

If you're like some athletes, you might be tempted to consider using honey as an energy fuel. "And why not?" you might ask. "Honey supplies carbohydrates, it's natural, and it's inexpensive." But while these things may be true, the fact is that honey make

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Vertical Attack

By: Meredith Edwards, HN sponsored athlete

December 22, 2014

Stick to this killer training program this winter and you'll be in peak form by spring.

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