The Newest Issue of Endurance News is Here!

Since 1992, Hammer Nutrition's own news magazine has aimed to inspire and inform serious endurance athletes like you. Each issue is packed with timely and insightful articles on diet, nutrition, training, product use, and other need-to-know topics. Think of Endurance News as your personal support crew for your journey towards peak performance and optimal health.

This issue of Endurance News focuses on recovery. Here, you'll learn about the importance of protein in your post-exercise routine and be introduced to an exciting new protein source. Athletes discuss the benefits of EMS and Tissue Rejuvenator in their off-season strategies. We also review our world-class apparel options. Celebrate the successes of the year in our '2016 Highlights' and see if you see any family faces from the Hammer Family.

Recovery matters! Maximize all steps in your wellness regimen and hear from fellow athletes how Hammer helped them fuel right, feel great, and recover right!

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