Race Caps Supreme: Race Day and Every Day


Race Caps Supreme is a cornerstone in Hammer's supplement lineup - just as it should be in your health regime. An early iteration (then known as E-Caps) was the first product in Hammer's now extensive catalog. Thirty-one years later, Race Caps Supreme is still one of the most reliable, trusted, and effective sports supplements on earth. It's not just for athletes or race days. This is a product you and everyone you know should be taking daily. For best results, take Race Caps consistently for the rest of your life - which, with the help of this product and the rest of the daily essentials, will be a long, healthy, and active one.

Such is the case for Mike Freeman, who has been taking Race Caps religiously - daily and during workouts - since he met founder Brian Frank 29 years ago. A retired police officer and long-term road bike racer, Mikey is now 76 years old and an example of health, performance, and happiness we should all aspire to. While innumerable studies demonstrate the proven impact of Race Caps Supreme's nutrients, Mike serves as an irrefutable case study in his own right.

Mike Freeman's legendary accomplishments are varied and impressive. With no less than 24 California state championship titles, 20 national championship podiums, and a national championship title, few riders have such lengthy and consistently impressive racing resumes. He's now played a dominant role in the sport for longer than many riders in his group rides have been alive - and plenty of them still can't keep up!

After all this time, he continues to ride 12-15 hours each week, which includes three major group rides. He also organizes and runs the Hammer Nutrition Super Master's crew, helping lead the charge as other devoted Hammer masters claim podium and championship year after year. The crucial role he plays in supporting and building the thriving ride community of California's Bay area is inspiring as well.

When it comes to nutrition, it's easy to get lost in the scientific jargon, the details of health-related studies, and the sensationalism that follows them in the news. But what matters is this: The products we sell do exactly what we promise - every time. We have 31 years of proven results, and countless lifelong users like Mikey demonstrating that with consistent and proper use, sensible supplementation yields impressive benefits - for performance, and more importantly, for supporting a long, healthy, happy life.