The REAL All-Day Fuel!


There are plenty of sports drinks that are touted as “all you need, all day long” fuels. But a closer look at the labels reveal that they don’t contain much, if anything, more than simple sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc.) and a lot of salt. Despite the grandiose promises, these fuels are simply not going to be up to the task. When you’re going long, your body requires a substantially more complete fuel to help you get the job done.

Complex carbohydrates—not simple sugars—are the ideal primary component for your endurance fuel, along with a sufficient amount of protein. A bit of healthy fat will help as well, as will other beneficial endurance-enhancing nutrients. For rock-solid energy, hour after hour, day and night, sugary salt water won’t cut it. Perpetuem is what you want.

Protein – An Endurance Essential

Some may discount the importance of protein in tandem with carbohydrates during prolonged bouts of exercise, but the fact is that when you’re going long, you need both. Here’s why:

After about two hours, and continuing until you stop your activity, about 5-15% of your caloric utilization comes from protein. This process, called gluconeogenesis, is unavoidable, and if you don’t supply the needed protein in your fuel, your body will literally scavenge it from your own muscle tissue. This is called catabolism (muscle breakdown), known informally, but quite accurately, as “protein cannibalization.” It can cause premature muscle fatigue (due to excess ammonia production from the protein breakdown process) as well as muscle depletion and post-exercise soreness. Protein cannibalization also compromises your immune system, leading to increased risk for colds, flu, and other diseases.

Dr. Bill Misner states: “In an endurance event lasting as short as two hours to as long as 12 hours, 0.5% separates first place from last place in various age groups or even the top 10 overall event winners. Who can afford to give away 5% energy substrates from amino acids recruited from lean muscle mass and expect to place as high as the athlete who puts the fuel into circulation in anticipation of deficiencies?”

BOTTOM LINE: To perform at your best during exercise sessions and races lasting two hours or more, you need the right amounts of both high-quality carbohydrates AND protein. That’s exactly what you get with Perpetuem!


Phrases such as “state of the art” and “quantum leap” are used so frequently in sports nutrition formulations, that their meaning has become overly diluted and diminished. That’s not the case with Perpetuem. Unlike any other fuel—with the exception of Sustained Energy, Hammer Nutrition’s original ultra-fuel — Perpetuem has proven time and time again to be THE true state-of-the-art, protein-enhanced, “meal in a bottle” calorie source needed for anything lasting several hours to several days. Since its introduction over 15 years ago, it’s passed every conceivable test that endurance athletes could throw at it. You name the event and chances are that Perpetuem has not only been there, it’s conquered it!