Advanced EMS Consultation

Become an Advanced EMS User


Discounts are available for multi-hour packages as well; ask your EMS advisor for details. Get answers to your questions from the experts!


After your initial consultation, you can purchase additional EMS support and guidance for $60.00 an hour. You'll quickly become an advanced user and get the most out of your Compex device by working one-on-one with a Hammer Nutrition EMS expert versed in all aspects of this powerful device and technology.

With our Advanced Consultation, you'll learn how to:

  • Tailor your Compex use to your unique needs
  • Evaluate your progress and adapt your program
  • Understand how the science and technology of EMS makes the Compex a very powerful tool

Your consultation will take place over the phone with a friendly and knowledgeable Compex/EMS expert. Our experts have years of hands on EMS experience.

Not only will your questions be answered, but you will have a plan of action to get the most out of your Compex unit. You will be able to follow up via email directly to your client advisor.