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Sponsorship Requests

Thank you for your interest in helping to promote Hammer Nutrition!

Please do not submit a proposal or request until you have completely read the appropriate page below, are certain that you are eligible, and have provided all of the pertinent information.

The following requests will not be considered:
  • Ineligible requests
  • Those that do not contain the required information

Event Sponsorship - Race Directors READ HERE!

Race directors and event coordinators seeking event sponsorship should fill out the Event Sponsorship Request Form. Event sponsorship requests will be replied to in the order they are received.

Please Note: Proposals for event sponsorship must be received a minimum of 60 days prior to the event. Also, you must have a current website so that we can verify your event.

Athlete Sponsorship

The application period for 2017 sponsorship has officially ended. We will now be filling our 2017 roster with applications received before November 30th.

If you are interested in submitting a LATE application, please follow the links below. Please keep in mind we will not review or consider late applications until we have completed our process with all application received prior to November 30th.

We respectfully ask that you do not call or email us regarding the status of your sponsorship request . We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Individual Sponsorship

Team Sponsorship

To submit an Update, Product Testimonial, or Recipe please click the link above that relates to you.

Hammer Brand Ambassador Program

If you find yourself to be an established client who has a strong connection with our products or if you have taken it upon yourself to tell the world about Hammer and your experiences as your way of "paying it forward", you may want to check out our Hammer Brand Ambassador Program! Please give us a call at 800.336.1977 and speak with our Ambassador Manager for more information about this program and to see if you qualify!

Hammer Nutrition Scholastic Program

Experience the Hammer Advantage by applying for a Scholastic Discount! Are you on a high school or collegiate team? Are you a coach of any kind?

Apply for our Scholastic Program and see if you qualify for a discount on all of our Fuels and Supplements. Discounts are available for a full year from your application date. You must renew annually.
Discounts vary and proof is required.

You can apply for this program at any time by clicking here. Or give us a call at 800.336.1977 and speak with our Scholastic Manager for more information about this program and to see if you qualify!

Still Want to Ride for Team Hammer Nutrition?

If you race "unattached" in USCF events, we can help. Just buy one or more of our race kits and you can have USCF change your license to "Team Hammer Nutrition." When you see other Team Hammer Nutrition riders doing a race, you can work together instead of riding solo.

If you are an active member of Team Hammer Nutrition, you are eligible for a discount on Hammer Nutrition racing kits. Purchase a short sleeve jersey and cycling shorts or bibs and receive 15% off of the retail price. Additional kit items will also be discounted. More pricing information will be available to you when you order.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, make sure you appear on this list or fax us your current license signifying Team Hammer Nutrition. When you would like to order your kit, call us at 800.336.1977 with your order.