2014 Event Sponsorship Requirements & Expectations

Whether this is the first time you've requested sponsorship from us or we've been sponsoring your race(s) for years, we're excited at the opportunity to possibly partner with you. Over the years our event sponsorships have grown tremendously so in order for us to continue to provide the service we strive for and that you expect, we need your help. Please read everything thoroughly!

This is what we can provide for your event:

  • One (1) single serving sample of a Hammer Nutrition fuel (TBD) - To include in the goody bags.
  • Hammer Nutrition goody bags; pre-stuffed with our literature.
  • NOTE: Both the product brochures and the bags are made from recycled materials
  • Hammer Nutrition Banner(s) - at our discretion

If we have agreed to supply HEED to be used on-course for your event, we will provide:

  • Containers of our sports drink, HEED  To cover on-course aid station hydration fuel needs.
  • Hammer Nutrition cups for use at the aid stations - IMPORTANT NOTE: These waxed cups with the Hammer Nutrition logo on them, should be used solely for dispensing HEED only; NOT water.

*Shipping fees will be determined on a case by case basis.

In return for our product support, we require the following of you:

  • That you go "Hammer only" at your event, meaning no other energy gels (Hammer Gel only) and no other energy drinks (HEED only). We encourage you to purchase Hammer Bars (at discounted, "event only" pricing!) to cover your event's energy bar needs. However, if you already have a bar sponsor and choose not to purchase Hammer Bars for your event, this will not be a conflict of interest.
  • That before you accept sponsorship from any other nutrition company, you inform us first to avoid any conflicts of interest issues.
  • That you please make sure goody bags are stuffed with our product sample(s). Any other swag and event materials that you're providing your participants may also be stuffed in these bags.
  • That you please make sure that each participant receives a bag at registration/packet pick up.
  • That you use the Hammer Nutrition cups for dispensing HEED only.
  • That our banner(s), if provided, are hung in a visible location at the race venue.
  • That our Hammer Nutrition "badge" logo* appears on the event website and other social media forums, hyperlinked to our site at
  • If you are producing registration forms/race materials and can include our logo on them, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • That any of the Hammer Nutrition logos* appear on event shirts if you are producing and providing them to race participants.
  • That Hammer Nutrition is mentioned as a sponsor via PA announcements at the race (if this is available).
  • If you are producing a race magazine in which a Hammer Nutrition ad is needed or required, please contact a minimum of 30 days prior to the deadline/due date.

*NOTE: A variety of Hammer Nutrition logos can be downloaded from our Logos page. Please feel free to use whichever badge type you prefer.

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